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  1. One happy customer of mine already using it and impressed by it. Hope they will contribute. I installed it on one of my networked render farm systems as well, running Win2K Pro with 512mb RAM, and ran it through its paces with a BestBuy Computer/Electronics Store Dynex Brand DVD+/- RW 8X drive and am very impressed with the full feature set and lack of problems. Great job on a robust full featured application. Thanks again Ron
  2. Would it be acceptable practice to install this on customer machines that come in to my home shop with burners, but do not have burning software? If it is ok, I would bookmark the site license link in their browser and as an initial default home page, require/suggest that they sign up on the forum, and recommend that they support Stefan & Fredrik and others involved in the authoring of this software via a donation. After reading the FAQ and license pages, it appears to be ok as long as I do not charge and do not imply any responsibilty by the authors for issues that could arise with data, etc. Do you have a splash screen that I could put on the machine if my previous question recieves a yes answer? Most customer machines have burning software that came with their burners, but I have a couple per month that do not, or at least that the customer cannot provide original install CD's to me for installation and installing your application would be an excellent solution in those cases. If the customers are on XP it is no problem, but on earlier OS's it is an issue without built in burning capabilities, and on XP the interface and procedures for burning are not easy for many individuals to get the hang of using proficiently. Thanks in advance Ron
  3. Hello Guest I had the same question and did some searching here, and with google, and found a review at http://www.snapfiles.com/get/cdburnerxp.html that lists the program as able to run in 98/ME/2000/XP. I am going to download this myself and give it a try on a Win2K machine. Flo, I hope it was ok to post a reply to this question and provide the link which gives you an excellent 5 star rating. If not, slap me on the wrist and I will not do it again. Thanks in advance Ron
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