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  1. - I have this issue as well, after burning numerous ISO. I thought perhaps it was because the 3.0.116 explicity says it won't burn more than 4.2 GB, but I can't burn any ISO now that this error has happened once, even one that's only 4.13 GB. - The same thing happens on both of the DVD burn-capable XP machines; mine burned a few ISO and stopped working and the other one will not burn any ISO. Mine is much older, running a 2002 version of XP Pro. The other one was purchased last July and runs the latest XP Home. - Additionally, the application locks when this error occurs. It says it's wr
  2. - I stumbled upon CDBurnerXP three weeks ago or so, whilst looking for something to burn Linux ISOs. It's been a nice little utility so far. - Three days ago I downloaded the latest Debian DVD ISO, but I can't burn it because it's 4.36 GB. I just searched all 14 pages of this thread and found no reference to whether the up-and-comoing v3.5 will address this issue and allow this ISO to be written. If it will not, I may be forced to buy something, which would be truely heinous. (grin) - I did find a lot of posting about .NOT. That's why I'm looking at Linux distro ... .NOT is not compil
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