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  1. I ran cdbxp_runtimes.exe and then installed the dvdbvpp and it installed very well.
  2. After deciding to try a .Net-less install I removed .Net and cdbxp_setup_3.5.101.7.exe. Next I placed cdbxp_runtimes.exe and cdbxp_setup_3.5.101.7.exe in the same folder. Then I initialized cdbxp_setup_3.5.101.7.exe. It still needs .Net. How do I get by this? Thanks
  3. Yes. My error. The Alpha version that worked was 3.0.116.
  4. Yes. Precisely so. I have a hunch that installing .Net has a lot to do with it.
  5. I installed .Net and then Beta. When a DVD is burned, either erasing or adding files it does not complete properly. It appears to go into a loop that will time out after a minute or so. The files are burned on the DVD OK. This problem did not exist with the Alpha version. While it is not a show stopper it is annoying. Especially with everything else used so far being spot on and incredibily competent. Any suggestions? Thanks javascript:emoticon(':firefox:') Firefox
  6. I R a Donor! Please send me the information about getting the more advanced version of your most excellent software. I especially like the feature where you can determine what is going on with the media you want to use. Keep up the good work!
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