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  1. if you have never used it do you know what the benifits are? try it out, maybe it might be to your likeing, personally i think its a great feature, it reminds me of FTP clients. it helps out locating files, if you know where they are anyway, and its alot easyier than haveing a program do an idexing service that never quite gets everything or it getts too much and ou cant find what your looking for in the first place. my suggestion is to play around with it a little,you might end up ling it ___________ ~Shades
  2. personally, i think that this newish technology from HP is quite good, if you guys could find a way to put lightscribe support into CDBXPP it would be great. as it is, i use this program or every need i have that it can do, and then i trandsfer to sonic's label express to burn teh light scribe part...if only it were all in one that would be awesome. mostly because lightscribe will continue to get more and more popular as time further progresses and putting this kind of feature would make this program so much more valuable in the near furture. sleep on this, i think its a great idea, what wo
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