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  1. I don't think this is a cdburnerxp problem. Do you use an original windows xp install cd? Copy ALL (hidden/system/etc) the files? Do you extract the boot image from the original cd? And do you integrate SP2 into the original I386 directory? Then it's probably a cdburnerxp problem, otherwise: it's known that BCD package 1.5 doesn't support booting from a slipstreamed SP2 cd. The new package 2.0 should be able to boot SP2. Take a look at: http://www.bcdwb.de/bcdw_e.html for the exact instructions. I just created a bootable DOS CD with windows xp sp2 and started the install with winnt.exe. That works for me, the CD boots to DOS, in DOS i call smartdrv.exe (to speed up disk copying) and then i execute winnt.exe from the I386 dir.
  2. Let's add my problem here too. It's probably not exactly the same error code (ranging from 1000 to 1005), but CDBurnerXP Pro won't close any sessions or cds/dvds. A normal data dvd won't be closed. An iso dvd file created with CDBurnerXP Pro and burned with my other burning software works. A normal iso cd file created with CDBurnerXP Pro and written to a cdrw produces an empty cdrw. In fact, when i try to burn this file with my other burning software, it's still an empty cdrw. I am using version
  3. Hi, I've the same error. It's probably not your drive. I know this, because my drive wrote DVD's good until today. And today i tried a new bought set of DVD's which causes two failures. But with my other burn software i didn't get the error. So it's a little weird. I haven't found a solution, except using my other burn software that came with the laptop. And that's not the windows thingy. I hope this helps a bit, I am trying to find a solution. cheers, Jenswa
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