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  1. Got to "User Settings" click "Device Access" read "Status" if NMSaccess is not installed; Install it.
  2. I just zapped two blank CDs. One CD-R, one CD-RW. The CD-R was brand new. The CD-R was burned only once and then erased. Both were expected as good. This happened when I tried to burn a new compilation. My first since recovering from a hacker attack. My SpySweeper was newly update and found a "Root Kit" plus 73 sub entrys. I let it remove them. Then after a week I got two good "Data" burns in a row. The only things which could have made the good burns was, in order: 1. Un-install CDBurnerXP Pro 3.0.116. 2. Reboot 3. Re-install CDBurnerXP Pro 3.0.116. 4. Reboot 5. Shut off and Shut down SpySweeper. 6. Throw the two, now bad, CDs out to the chickens. 7. do a good burn. Oh. Ah. I also turned off McAfee Virus, which has been on during previous good burns. The good burn felt so good, I did another one. Wow! Two in a row!
  3. This is my first visit here and second note... I was motovated to come for the exact same error. It seems likely my newly updated Spysweeper may have cause this. I'm writing more in other posts as I look around here.
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