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  1. Win7 Ultimate x64 wont detect drives ... sort of!!

    That's why they do it.
  2. Win7 Ultimate x64 wont detect drives ... sort of!!

    Wow, this adbot appears to have circumvented your Recaptcha (is there any?). But how come you rate him as "Expert"? Is that only based on his number of posts? I suppose all of them are spam.
  3. Win7 Ultimate x64 wont detect drives ... sort of!!

    FAQ says no working (exclusively Starburn-based) version is to be expected before 2012. Well, now it is 2012. Any update on when the new version is coming, Flo?
  4. Win7 Ultimate x64 wont detect drives ... sort of!!

    Old or not, but unfortunately the thread is still perfectly current. The developers keep fine-tuning minor features in a program that does not even basically work on half of all modern computers.
  5. Win7 Ultimate x64 wont detect drives ... sort of!!

    Only that sockets AMD S-2 and S-1 do not exist... Hmmm... I have never encountered such a message. Either you were already using AMD x64 processors in 64 bit mode when these were not common yet (as in Windows XP x64), or you must be running very weird software. Even in the case of CDBurnerXP it is not the processor but the chipset that is not supported. Nvidia has stopped making chipsets for AMD CPUs, but if you use an older mainboard for AMD CPUs with nvidia chipset then CDBurnerXP will recognize the drives nicely.
  6. Win7 Ultimate x64 wont detect drives ... sort of!!

    In fact you have a dark-bulb-moment as you are wasting your time on chasing an error that has long been discovered in detail. It has nothing to do with the drive you are using, so there is no need for you to try them out. Of course, chances are an external USB drive might work, but that is no real solution for those that want to use the burner that they have in their computer. The rule is simple: [*:wmz3f9f9] Intel chipset with current Intel driver → worx [*:wmz3f9f9] AMD chipset for AM3 mainboard (possibly also AM2): → phail No need for you to find out the long-known. You also cannot help Flo with that because is is not and has never been programming access to the burner himself. Instead, he is using the libraries of his programming language which originate from a poor manufacturer. It is these that fail, not Flo's code, so he cannot fix it and the manufacturer of the library cba to fix it. Flo would have to rewrite the code for a different set of libraries, but is too lazy to do it. Just make sure to read this entire thread so you know what we are talking about.
  7. Win7 Ultimate x64 wont detect drives ... sort of!!

    As far as I understand CDBurnerXP is a private project and was never supposed to be payware, although donations are accepted. Nonetheless it sure is a shame that the project is no longer supported / left to rot for 50% of all new PCs. (Yeah, 50% may not be entirely accurate, but you get my point.)
  8. Win7 Ultimate x64 wont detect drives ... sort of!!

    Why do you ask - you just need to read this thread (the last 3 pages will probably do) and you will know the answer perfectly well.
  9. Win7 Ultimate x64 wont detect drives ... sort of!!

    Use Starburn. It is also a free (albeit propietary) burning software with capabilities similar to CDBurner XP. I prefer the latter for handling reasons, but that does not help when it does not work.
  10. Win7 Ultimate x64 wont detect drives ... sort of!!

    Being a programmer myself I understand what you mean. Nonetheless: if there is to be a future for CDBurner XP, you will need to take action. Up to now Windows 7 has been very new, so many users still used XP or Vista, and others used Intel. But unlike Vista people are embracing Windows 7, so it is pretty safe to assume that every new PC will come with it. This means that every new AMD-based machine is one that will not work with CDBurner XP. While the problem may have seemed to be limited in the past, its severity will rapidly grow from month to month now. Just yesterday a colleague showed me her new notebook and asked me to show her an easy way to burn CDs. I installed CDBurner XP - phail. I uninstalled it and installed the original Starburn - worxed. Interface-wise I prefer CDBurner, but that matters little when it does not work.
  11. Win7 Ultimate x64 wont detect drives ... sort of!!

    Please explain exactly why it is demotivating. I can see it being demotivating to run after Numediasoft kissing their asses and achieving nothing. But revamping the core code and moving it onto a new and modern basis should be a rewarding process, shouldn't it? I can see that it means some work, but then again, you basically need to implement simple standard CD/DVD burning procedures. Once you have found proper libraries to do that (Starburn? .NET 4.0?), simply calling them passing the right parameters should not be that hard a task, should it? You can leave the parts that are already based on Starburn code (ISO burning) as they are; these are working after all. What I would find demotivating/unrewarding is fixing minor stuff in a program that I know is no longer working on 50% of all modern computers. It is like repairing a car that is too old and worn out so that no repairs really work anymore, and no matter what you do it will never work properly again, so instead of wasting your time on repairs, the only appropiate move would be to buy a new one.
  12. Win7 Ultimate x64 wont detect drives ... sort of!!

    But seeing that you release version after version fixing other minor stuff while your software is not working on like 50% of all computers (all those with AMD chipset to be more precise), it does not seem as if you had even started this key task at all. In order to show honesty, the least thing you ought to do is rename the project from "CDBurner XP" (which sounds pretty obsolete anyway) to "CDBurner Intel".
  13. Win7 Ultimate x64 wont detect drives ... sort of!!

    Is there any chance for you to succeed, seeing how they have behaved in the past? Do you have any form of feedback from them that indicates they might do something about it? Are there no alternative libraries? How do the manufacturers of other burning software (Nero, Starburn, etc.) handle this? What about the .NET Framework? Does it not offer something suitable? The .NET framework 4.0 has just been released, does it not include recording functionalities?
  14. Win7 Ultimate x64 wont detect drives ... sort of!!

    Aw, c'mon, Flo. We discussed this in detail already, so do not just jump back several pages of this thread and pretend the rest had not been said. Updating the drivers only works for Intel chipsets. The AMD drivers are nice and all, but will not change a thing. There just is no solution for AMD users, and I have yet to see a definite statement from the developers that they are willing to do anything about it (other than blaming it on the external library and stating that they are helpless). As I see this, you have three possible paths to follow from here: a) Ditch Numedia and base the data burning portion of CDBurner XP on a different library, even though this may mean a lot of revamping, i.e. work Rename CDBurner XP to CDBurner Intel c) Continue as before and pretend that the problem (which affects a significant 2-digit-percentage of machines out there and is increasing as users move on to Windows 7) does not exist. So far, you have followed path c. I must admit that I am disappointed. As for the workaround of that guest user, yes that will work, but this means such a huge loss of comfort that it is better to go for Starburn instead, even though CDBurner XP is better - when it works.
  15. Win7 Ultimate x64 wont detect drives ... sort of!!

    I hate to break it to you, but your 2c appear to be a rather invaluable currency... we discussed the Numedia matter in this thread before (Lesen bildet...), and Flo said clearly that he had contacted them about it and encountered no willingness to do anything on the matter. I also pointed out the unprofessional appearance of that company before, seeing that accessing their official home page requires you to key in a password in order to see anything, while a subpage of it is freely accessible and displays what the main page should. Numedia appears to be crap, and it is the curse of CDburner XP to rely on their software as the key burning engine, an engine that did good work in the past but that most obviously is no longer properly updated. Which is why I stated above that this is a critical stage for the future of the whole CDBurner XP project: If there is to be any future for it, the developers will probably have to bet on a new horse and replace the engine, no matter how much work that may mean.