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  1. Absolutely right. Deleting source files after burn is such a minor effort that I don't think it's worth implementing.
  2. Well OK but maybe it should be mentioned during install that this particular service with that name will be running. I've reinstalled CDBXP and by error activated it. It's only consuming some 100Kb so that's no big deal. Can I safely disable it permanent (Start > Run > services.msc > NMSaccess or will it come back. ? Will the program still work OK ? I have admin rights but am not logged in as admin which is in fact my second login that I rarely use.
  3. I think in your last sentence you mean ".....whatever new theory other (members) may choose to believe". It's the poster who's not up to date and aware there are new theories. But I agree the name is a bit inappropriate. Like f.e. if someone would use the name "Sadam Houssein" as a user name. Nevertheless the original poster is overreacting and I shouldn't put so much trouble in reacting too.
  4. Well let me remind you that I was raised C and that b4, I would have found that username perhaps a bit inapropriate. No more or less. Since someone found this new bible version, my point of view is totally different; and I wouldn't even mind if everyone on this forum had that username. Keep up with the latest news I would say.
  5. Sorry, I forgot to login b4 posting the last reply. So I have a name.
  6. All I can say is that I've done this over and over, and that it works like a charm. To the poster: did you try another brand of DVD ? It's always possible that your DVD stand alone player can't read the DVD. I suggest a DVD-R because it's the most compatible type. Also try burning at the lowest speed. On the other hand on the right side I think there must be 2 folders: 1 AUDIO_TS (usually empty) and 1 VIDEO_TS (with all the files in it like in your example). Your DVD looks for a VIDEO_TS folder I guess. In your example I don't see it. Like I said, I burned quite some DVD's in the meantime; and I agree that depending from the brand of DVD some players don't recognize it. But that's up to the player.
  7. I'd just like to say I like the new forum layout. At least here's some progress being done.
  8. JimB

    verify unstoppable

    I yes I have had that several times. Very, very and very annoying. Maybe it will be fixed one of these years.
  9. That's very good and you have my respect c'se I too don't have SP2. On the other hand I DO have the best protection possible (Antivirus, Firewall, Antispyware with "resident shield", and some other tools like a startup monitor). Join the minority. But I can't understand why you could not install CDBurnerXP Pro. It works OK on my SP1
  10. I use it because it takes forever b4 the final release will be ready :D
  11. That's different. And I don't have to remind you that the step from SP1 to SP2 is a much bigger step as opposed to an upgrade to a better version of CDBurnerXPPro. Also if I could do an upgrade to Net2.0 without the need of SP2, I would do it. Lucky that not all software needs SP2. On a sidenote because this is not the right place of course. About safety: I still get all the safety patches from microsoft without SP2. And why do you think all those safety patches are necessary ? Most of the safety issues were already dealth with by the software manufacturers b4 Microsoft thought it was necessary to take some action by a patch or even long b4 microsoft discovered them too and admitted it. With top protection softwarewise there's no need 4 SP2.
  12. Fine so if after an extreme long developping time that next version will finally be released, I won't even be able to use it because .Net 2.0 works with SP2. And I still use SP1 in complete safety and without any problems.
  13. That's better thanks. But how come the helpfile that goes with the isn't on my HD ? Did I forget it ?
  14. Well the online helpfile from within the program isn't available. Quote: "The online helpfile is currently disabled. There will be a new one when next version of CDBurnerXP is released. Until then use the helpfile included in CDBurnerXP Pro Setup (in menu: Help->Help File)." And the helpfile that should be on my HD isn't there. So if I hit the Ctrl+F1 of course nothing happens.
  15. What exactly is this DVD High Compatibility mode and is it recommended ? Does it have a negative effect on the quality ? Should it be used as a standard checked option ? If not why is it not standard "checkmarked" ?
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