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  1. Are you able to complete the execution using cdbxpcmd.exe - without the ZIP files? I'm trying to build an automated ISO production process - and can get to around 11% - maybe 70MB but I can't pick up what's tripping the exe up...
  2. Similar to that in ONES/ZULU? I would love this too.
  3. I'm not seeing this either - I can verify after burning from file layout, but not when burning from ISO - I think it's an unintentional omission... right up to Beta version
  4. Definitely try different media. Check the connections. Do whatever you can to reduce vibration. Try to use an alternative/external burner if you have access to one. But first, take a look at this thread: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3111
  5. Follow these instructions: 1. Open CdBurnerXPpro 2. Click 'Create Data CD/DVD' 3. Put in a blank disc 4. Go to 'File' 5. Select 'Burn Disc From ISO File' 6. Browse to the ISO image. 7. Select 'Finalise Disc'. 8, Click 'Burn Disc' You can open up ISOs (i.e. unzip them if you like), but you'd lose the boot sector information that way... If you want to do that use WinImage or ISOBuster
  6. Not sure if this is a combo drive, but try changing the speed under the drive properties 'Recording' Tab - i.e. not within CDBurnerXPpro - this worked for me. 1. Right click on the drive. 2. Select 'Properties' 3. Choose the 'Recording' tab. 4. Modify the speed setting. If you have an additional hard drive installed, use that as the cache or image volume (it's pointless however if you simply have a partitioned single hard drive.)
  7. This is the standard procedure: 1. Open CdBurnerXPpro 2. Click 'Create Data CD/DVD' (don't worry we will be alright) 3. Put in a blank disc 4. Go to 'File' 5. Select 'Burn Disc From ISO File' 6. Browse to the ISO image. 7. Select 'Finalise Disc'. 8, Click 'Burn Disc' Note that this converts the ISO image to a Disc, rather than burning the ISO as a single file onto the otherwise useless CD. This is the common error that I frequently see. Now, if this is an upgrade for a DVD player, you may need to use DVD Video capable recording software - it's likely that the upgrade won't proc
  8. Have you tried re-installing CDBurnerXPpro after the upgrade?
  9. I'm afraid to say that this is indicative of a hardware failure . The discs will likely be toasted as soon as you see this error, but keep a few to check on another drive. You should find that it is independent of the burn software, and may be intermittent to begin with but is likely to crap out completely. I have seen this error on 3 separate drives - the only cure to replace the burner. Try using some other burn software like Magic ISO trial (burns up to a couple of hundred MB) to verify that it's the burner.
  10. Also, you have to return to the layout screen after burning... I occasionally have to write several copies of the same disc - a fix on this would prevent having to set up the ISO image (as this information is lost when you return to the layout screen)... would be a very nice-to-have. Try to burn 10 copies of the same disc (or as I had to do recently - 200 copies overnight...) you'll see what I mean. Don't get me wrong, I strongly recommend this tool to anyone who will listen, but it seems a shame not to implement such a simple thing.
  11. Try MSIzap: You should use the MsiZap command line utility that comes with Microsoft Platform SDK. This forcefully removes the traces of an installation. The usage is: msizap T {product code} or msizap T Getting the Product Code You can find the product code by searching the registry for the product name and looking for the GUID. e.g. MsiZap T {9C3B2A82-C7D7-462F-8D98-48A7B6D889D1}
  12. heh... that's quite funny. Well done.
  13. You probably need to replace your burner - I have seen this issue also. The optics in the drive are borderline and writing data that cannot be accurately read by other drives. There is no workaround. If you have a friend with a USB burner, try burning on that - this will indicate that you have a dodgy drive.
  14. Try different brand of media... TDK, Sony tend to be good with my NEC drive. Verbatim and 'unbranded' were less reliable (80%). I always verify after a burn.
  15. Try removing the software, and running MSI CLeaner. See: http://support.microsoft.com/?scid=kb;en-us;290301
  16. Name the folder/files with 01, 02, 03, 04 etc. then 10 will appear after 09.
  17. You can't. Burn many single instances instead - for data CDs consider saving the layout in case of failure.
  18. right-click on this link: http://www.cdburnerxp.se/downloadsetup.zip choose 'save-as' Choose a download location and allow the file to download.
  19. I find that I need to put the blank disc in whilst I am still at the disc layout screen. If the disc is not recognised before I commit to burn, it will fail 100% and say the disc is not writeable.
  20. Silly question maybe but... have you made sure 'Test write' is unchecked. Take a look at the disc - is there actually data being laid to the disc (reflect light off the data layer)
  21. Good lord... I cannot believe how aggressive this poster is... 1. Who installed the package? 2. Who failed to perform safety checks on 'unknown' software? 3. Who *paid* for the software? 4. Who expects *support* for free? 5. Who cannot manage their installation? 6. Who is resorting to blackmail? 7. Who failed to backup their system? A Guest - riiiight... someone who cannot even bother to contribute to the development of the product in any way. I have MANY installshield-delivered products - and other Windows Installer based products which will not uninstall correctly - do I go
  22. Use the left pane to identify the root folder, then the right pane to select the files/folders - using the ADD button to add the files to the compilation. Allow plenty of time for the files and folders to populate before continuing. (hint - check the compilation size against the known directory size).
  23. $10 donated. This product is a beauty, thanks! would-like-to-have: 1. 'number of copies' when burning from ISO or layout. 2. faster start - fixed with .NET? 3. progress bar when adding large numbers of files. 4. option to generate md5 when saving as ISO. 5. drag & drop windows integration. 6. synchronised folder burn (i.e. dynamic content referencing.) er... that's it Cheers. Ian
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