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  1. Hi all, Is there any way to erase CDs that have an .iso Image on them. When I try I get a message along the lines of can't erase read only files. Anyway to force this? I have a stack of new CDs that were used one time. I would like to try a different Linux disto and need to reuse the CDs. Thanks, DC
  2. Can you burn an .iso image to a CD using WMP? CDBurnerXP can. That's what I needed it for but it can do lots more. Hope this helps, DC
  3. Hi, I just burned a stack of CDs for Linux installs. What worked for me was I selected the file menu then I think it was something like burn iso image file to CD. Note - I do not have CDburner on this computer so I can't double check but I remember there were two menu items that looked about the same. If you select the correct one a box should pop up and you should be able to select the .iso file you want to burn by clicking on a tiny box on the right side with a couple of .. in it. I just used the default settings and they booted fine for me. Note - the .iso must be burned as an image and not a file. If you copy it as a file it will not boot. I also found this confusing. I hope this helps, DC
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