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  1. I love it how people give their 2 useless cents without explaining... Either explain why you have issues with it or just shut your mouth cause no one else wants to hear it!!! Apparently spelling nor grammar were their strong point... Contrary to what this person had to say, the beta has its bugs but that is why they call it a beta...It's still pretty solid and I choose it over any other burning program that is out... Still waiting for the next release...Hope it's soon... Keep up the good work...
  2. I was wondering if the following is possible: Rather than the program telling me that a saved compilation has missing files and truncates them, is there any way for the program just to highlite it in a color? Rather than deleting the file from the compilation after the warning just changing the color of the file name to warn the user that it is missing a link would be great. Please let me know if that is possible. Thank You.
  3. Being that I just moved from Nero to CDBurnerXP, I have a lot of .nri compilations that nero used to make... Is there anyway for me to convert it to something useful that CDBurner can use... Other than editing it by hand is there any other way??? Thank You.
  4. Brand new donor...I feel like I just donated a kidney to save your life...HAHA More money is on the way... Someone needs to put an end to Nero...Program has really begun to piss me off...
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