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  1. can wma files be converted to mp3 for burning a CD ? can mp3 files be converted to wma for burning ? how is this done?
  2. all the music clips are.wma but some cause errors when the burn button is selcted (eg - the audio file converter has failed). The output is for a .cda or .wma CD so there is no conversion. Could a button be designed to test for "compatibility" with the burn before adding to the burn list?
  3. It would be very useful to be able to rename files in the burn list eg to add the artist name. Perhaps this could be done without filename compatibility issues???
  4. the music files are .wma and after selecting the files to burn - the burn box occsionally reports an "ERROR" named music file - the audio file converter has failed. if this refers to a file my PC had before I got cdburnerXP, then how can I test a music file to ensure it can be burned. If this refers to a file that came with cdburnerxp - is this a known bug?? has it been fixed? The nuisance (apart from not being able to burn the track) is that I find going back to the burn list to remove the "error" files does not work as the program then reports "no files to burn" Apart from the above -
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