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  1. I have the same problem, the lates version ov CDBurnerXP Pro. I tried reinserting the CD-R several times, then tried anotther and then a couple of CD-RWs. Absolutely, positively empty, and the first 2 I tried were brand-new disks from an unopened stack...I just cut the wrapper off. Just wanted to let you know this bug still exists in the most recent non-beta. [EDIT]You know, this is a strange bug...I just realized I didn't have this problem with CDBurnerXP Pro before. I'm not sure what version it was, because I didn't bother to replace it right away after re-doing some things months ago.
  2. Please keep your sarcasm to yourself! Excuse me, I know plenty about computers, and I did not have any malware except this file...I deleted it, all malware is gone. No way I can do an md5sum when the file is 99% complete! My computer completely froze because the file was infected...if you read my post, it took me 45 minutes to even be able to do anything about it! Nothing is "safe"...anyone can get cracked or infected...some are just more likely than others, and I think being on a network where a bunch of people have their firewall (and probably AV, too) off, downloading the same infecte
  3. I don't know why someone wouldn't just tell me a torrent wasn't a file. That would have been polite. Anyway, I found out BitTorrent is a file-sharing program, and I installed a client and downloaded a couple of files. I am sorry I did! Even though I'm not dumb enough to turn off my firewall to increase download speeds (some people do), I got a virus-infected Slackware ISO. This after spending 5 hours on each "download". I was even nice enough to "super-seed" the 1st ISO before downloading the 2nd one myself. My antivirus caught it, but it froze my computer for 45 minutes...That's how lon
  4. Not even to mention, if you get it with a DVD drive you bought, it expires. What, do these idots think people just burn DVDs and CDs all day long, every day? Today I had the first chance to use it, I want to burn some ISOs and create a dual-boot, I only installed my DVD drive a couple months ago, went to burn a CD, Nero is "expired"! What the heck?
  5. I already downloaded the torrents. The download page was linked directly from the Slackware website. What to do now?
  6. Dual-Booting with Windows and Linux You can create a dual-boot system with both Linux and Windows, which may be a little intimidating for a newbie or someone not very computer-literate. Linux will make you computer-literate, Windows less so. Anyway, you can try various Linux "distributions" (versions) very easily, since most are free and many now have "Live CD" available. A "Live CD" can run the operating system straight from the CD without installing it, which is an awesome way to try Linux distros without making a commitment. You just boot from the CD (put the CD in, reboot your comput
  7. I'm trying to move to Slackware, and right now I have Windows XP Pro SP2. I actually have to keep Win-Doze, also for the time being because of my data and school, so this will be a dual-boot system for now (but I want to use Linux for everything except school). * No way do I want to use floppies. Slackware CD-images are available as torrents, and they don't have instructions on burning. * I notice that if you try to burn an ISO (via "Save as ISO"), and make it bootable, you need to use a "boot image" which is "DosBootimage.IMA"....Should I be using that even though I'm installing Linux??
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