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  1. I AM VERY HAPPY WITH YOUR PRODUCT, KEEP IT UP FOR 2008, I will make more donations this year, last year i had some economic difficulties but this year looks much better. have a nice 2008. Regards, JP
  2. JPMU

    Long time...

    Hi Stefan, Congratulations and I wish you the best. Do you still accept people as donors, in order to access the Beta versions, my email is juan_mejia@bluewin.ch
  3. Hi Man, have you gotten access to the beta versions? thx Juan
  4. Hi There i am new here, i made a donation but i have not gotten access, what about you, you have done it first than me. Did you get acess? Regards, Juan
  5. I There, I just did a donation my email address is juan_mejia@bluewin.ch I would like to get access to the beta version. Thx Juan
  6. Hi There, I would like o get access to the beta versions
  7. Hi There, i would like to access th beta version regards, Juan Mejia
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