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  1. Tried overburning a few years ago and had problems and stopped using it. Maybe using the app without overburning might work. Have you tried?
  2. I only use this app for burning ISOs and bootable disks. Win10 allows me to write everything else to dvd and BluRay. Just drag and drop. I can't recall how I fixed the problem but it may have had to do with ensuring the app was completely deleted before reinstalling. Apps like iobit uninstaller (free) clean out every bit of the app.
  3. The problem is the disk quality. I bought the next level up and works fine. The burner Manufacturer (i/o magic) indicated the disks (ridata gold bd-r 4x 25gb) work with their drive (6x slim portable bluray rewritable) but they don't. The store and manufactures wouldn't accept responsibility and provide a refund. The new disks (ridata valor bd-r 10x 25g) work every time. The lesson cost me $40. Don't buy blu-ray disks unless the store quarantees they will work.
  4. Any resolution? I get the same error code when trying to burn to a 4x BD-R on Win10 with my newly purchased i/oMagic burner. There are no firmware or drive update for this burner and I am using the current version of CDburnerXP. I will try the blu-ray burner on my Win7 and also try a DVD burn.
  5. Yes, it seems either no one is using this forum or no one has an answer. Not bothering to wait, I decided to buy another burner as they are quite cheap now, and the new one doesn't have quite the same problem but also does not burn consistently. I now use one tool to convert and another to burn. I believe it has something to do with the burner being USB as my desktop burner works more consistently and at higher speed. It also may have to do with the quality of the DVDs, as I do buy the cheapest (approx $15-20 per 100). I now also use 6x only to burn. I probably waste 1 in 4 DVDs but at a
  6. cwrb

    can't convert

    did u get an answer for this problem? i just tried it and it is working correctly. it converts from MP3 to WAV when burning to the audio cd. are you selecting the second option when beginning?
  7. I did a quick look in the archives and didn't find this bug. I use a few DVD burning tools (Burn4free, DVDshrink, CDBburnerXP pro 3, Super DVD Creator, etc) and recently CDBurnerXP Pro is not writing the disk on my laptop external DVD writer but is writing on my desktop internal dvd writer. Burn4free writes on both computers. The error msg is attached. I am using DVD-R disks and have tried a few to no avail. I also cannot wite with DVDshrink or SuperDVD Creator on my laptop.
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