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  1. Cdburnerxp is based in Germany, where distributing software that aids circumvention of DRM is a felony. So it cannot help you with that, not now, not before, not ever.
  2. As far as I know, donations are currently not accepted.
  3. There isn't much to be said right now, as far as I 'm aware the app will continue to get bugfixes, I'm not sure if new features are indeed planned for soon.
  4. I'm afraid this was not tested ever nor it will be unless microsoft adds ReFS again to the mainstream windows releases.
  5. You could try to run on WINE, but I do not think it will work fine. try k3b, brasero etc..
  6. the daily snapshot process has resumed, new builds will however be available later, right now only the last successful build is available, dated March 24 2019.
  7. How much build power do you need and how much electricity was it estimated to cost ? @floele
  8. If you burned an audio disc the format must be the standard understood by CD players. If what you wanted was to burn the flac files you need to create a data cd
  9. Thanks but there is no hardware shortage, . it is just that the machine that does all the automated building (not the one that serves the content) has not pushed builds out due to a defect that needs developer time to fix. @floele is the only person with the relevant knowledge and he is almost certainly beyond busy atm.
  10. No. Create a bitlocker encrypted file container and burn it later, You can also use Veracrypt IIRC. I wouldn't trust anything else to do things correctly and safely.
  11. If the source file really does not fit the media you have to split the content with an audio editor such as audacity and burn the result into two discs.
  12. The server that actually does the daily snapshot magic is dead, so there is no content in the machine that just serves it. this will be fixed at some point.
  13. No such thing as secure erase for a well funded adversary, use some kind of media destruction, incineration, shredding or whatever other creative way to ensure no data can be ever retrieved.
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