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  1. I'll check what 's up, meanwhile download from fosshub
  2. Cdburnerxp is in maintenance mode. You shuould not expect new features or timely updates. That may not happen.
  3. There has never been any such thing and there will certainly never be.
  4. A decision about the future of this software has been made. stay tuned for news.
  5. it has been deleted now. your post will keep showing as guest. thanks.
  6. https://www.firmwarehq.com/NEC/ND-3450A/files.html Says 103C. This indeed looks like a firmware issue. I suggest you to find another compatible media if updating the firmware does not solve the problem.
  7. Cdburnerxp is based in Germany, where distributing software that aids circumvention of DRM is a felony. So it cannot help you with that, not now, not before, not ever.
  8. As far as I know, donations are currently not accepted.
  9. There isn't much to be said right now, as far as I 'm aware the app will continue to get bugfixes, I'm not sure if new features are indeed planned for soon.
  10. I'm afraid this was not tested ever nor it will be unless microsoft adds ReFS again to the mainstream windows releases.
  11. You could try to run on WINE, but I do not think it will work fine. try k3b, brasero etc..
  12. the daily snapshot process has resumed, new builds will however be available later, right now only the last successful build is available, dated March 24 2019.
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