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  1. what directory or RSS feed are you monitoring for beta releases ?
  2. No, it is not compromised.. it is called advertising.. doing all of this cost money...
  3. To transfer analog video to DVD you need a video capture card, basic editing software. then you can burn it to DVD with cdburnerxp
  4. Software is provided free of charge..unfortunately neither our time, High availability DNS service nor the 2/3 servers that run this show pay themselves from thin air.
  5. MSI installers are available in the downloads page or https://download.cdburnerxp.se/msi/
  6. There is no virus.. some av vendors consider the installer's feature of suggesting you other software (opencandy) to be unwanted adware.
  7. Please only write bug reports in English (in exceptional cases you could use Spanish or German but that will severely limit the amount of help you might get)
  8. Your optical disk drive is most likely defective. They aren't made as durable as one might wish.
  9. You can't. It is not that cdburnerxp limits you.. it is the manufacturer of the drive. burning at 1x made sense in the bad old days.. nowadays it is just a waste of time as burners are no longer that retarded.
  10. Yes, it is compatible with all currently released/supported windows versions.
  11. Issue has been corrected, closing topic.
  12. Currently, only Firefox on XP will work in the main site, this is a temporary problem I will fix soon.
  13. What chrome version are you running in XP ?
  14. Not a java exception but a C# one. missing integer overflow check Thanks for your report.
  15. Hi, This is explained in the FAQ, no .. Cdburnerxp is not opensource and unfortunately cannot be unless someone does the extensive work required to rewrite the proprietary/commercial burning libraries it uses.