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  1. Is a Name Change perhaps due

    There is no point in changing the product's name. it will be just a time and money waste. it might be worth making very clear and noticeable that it is not an XP program in the website though
  2. VIRUS! (not really-here is the fix)

    of course, we will pay for example this very website and the download bandwidth from thin air.. we will just pick money from the magic tree and be done with it
  3. questions, please need advice Thanks

    Note that windows xp is still supported but accessing this site will most likely fail with any XP browser but Firefox ESR. This won't be fixed.
  4. CDBurnerXP Download

    New database server software releases are slightly more picky and started emitting warnings or errors on certain inputs.. this was already worked around for now. please report back if you see any other error or warning.
  5. Windows version not available for download

    That's weird.. can you try again now and tell me the result ?
  6. Yes, assume it continues to be under development unless we explicitly annoucne that it is done.
  7. CDBurnerXP 4.5.7

    Yes, there are many more spam registration. I 'll clean up further at some point in the neat future.
  8. CDBurnerXP 4.5.7

    oook.. I flagged all those accounts as spammers.. damn it.. anti-spam does not appear to be effective for registrations.
  9. FAR Too Many Betas!

    what directory or RSS feed are you monitoring for beta releases ?
  10. Is your site compromised??

    No, it is not compromised.. it is called advertising.. doing all of this cost money...
  11. To transfer analog video to DVD you need a video capture card, basic editing software. then you can burn it to DVD with cdburnerxp
  12. CDBurnerXP 4.5.7

    Software is provided free of charge..unfortunately neither our time, High availability DNS service nor the 2/3 servers that run this show pay themselves from thin air.
  13. GPO, MSI, Autotask Endpoint Management

    MSI installers are available in the downloads page or https://download.cdburnerxp.se/msi/
  14. A Virus Has Invaded Your Download Page

    There is no virus.. some av vendors consider the installer's feature of suggesting you other software (opencandy) to be unwanted adware.