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  1. I've got memorex dvd... i dont think its cheap, but still i cant figure out why my phillips DVD burner doesn't like theses dvd's :S:S
  2. i have somewhat that problem... see that thread... http://cdburnerxp.se/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4588
  3. Hey I had few problemes while burning dvd... I updated my drivers then it worked well for about 10 dvd. Finally, this morning I tried burning 4 dvd's and they all give me the same error, always at the same time, at 100% when it's trying to close the track... That error happenned yesterday once in 10 burns, but now it's 4 times out of 4 and it's really bugging me.... can you tell me more infos about this please ? I'm desperate and tired to waste non RW DVD Note that after that crashed, I have to reboot my computer since I cannot open my tray :S
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