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  1. Sorry, just 885, thought it was beta when downloaded, but still, many thanks! Guess it is time to update.
  2. As of beta the problem seems to be fixed, or at least will burn gapless discs from the VBR mp3 files I get from eMusic, and I'm happy with that! (Thanks for the 'workaround', Flo). This is with XP SP3, haven't gotten around to updating the Vista machine for awhile.
  3. Thanks for the update. Good luck! Sick of Nero and iTunes. Burrrn is okay for the meantime.
  4. Has this been fixed yet in this version or a beta? Thought I'd ask before making new coasters:) CDBXP=burner of choice
  5. Hi - Just donated $5.00 and would like beta access, please. Thanks for a great burner!
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