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  1. Hello Flo. Can I be the Chinese (zh-cn) translator? I have sent you a pm.
  2. However, what new about next version? We've been waiting and gradually losing patience, and you're losing market share. It's freeware but if still has opponents.
  3. Seems you've forgot me... I'm the Simplified Chinese translator, and you haven't added me to the translator group yet.
  4. Sounds good. Quite a long time... And when will the new language file be available? 听起来不错啊。好久了哦…… 新的语言文件什么时候出来呢?
  5. 大哥,人家作者是老外,不懂中文的。要翻译还不是靠自己? 不知道这个坛子里面有多少中国朋友,大家一起来做,把帮助文件也一起翻译了,巴巴适适弄个完全的中文版,别像其他一些软件,就只有个中文界面,文档还是英文的。 有机会发个消息来。
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