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  1. !! JERONIMO !! Got my files back. My only back-up from an earlier HDD replacement. No thanks to 'Nero 7' >> 'Magic ISO Maker' made it easy to recup the files. As my low IQ will not allow me to use anything more complicated than 'HP RecordNow', I will stick with it. The program is bullet (Idiot) proof. 'CDBurner XP' and 'Nero' are in the trash. Root problem was that my laptop does not have a HP writer, so it will not work there. HP RecordNow is a 'ROXIO' product, propritary for HP (Came with the CD-R). The general version sells for $ 80. WinXP does the same thing, just a little mo
  2. Thanks. I am getting a little closer. I downloaded a trial version of Nero 7. The feature that analyzes the disk showed me all the folders I lost. I found a feature that says "save tracks" which I used to save the track to my HDD. Than I burned this "Disk Image" (a *.nrg file) back to the disk. Now it shows up as "Disk Image" on the disk which I cannot open except in binary format. If I use Nero to open the file it says "runtime error, program must close now". Any ideas?
  3. I realize that I did not understand what multiple sessions meant. I pushed the wrong button. >if it asked and you pressed "Don't continue Disc" button you lost your previous data< Since the CD is not erasable, the data should be still there. Can it be recovered?
  4. I added data to an appendable data disk (CD-R, non erasable) using CDBurnerXP Pro. Now the old data is gone. The previous data was recorded using HP RecordNow.
  5. Click the down arrow next to the Burn Button in the center toolbar and select "Burn and leave disk open" before you burn.
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