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  1. I downloaded from microsoft.com en_office_professional_plus_2010_x86_x64_dvd_515529.iso, twice, on my a31p Thinkpad XP Pro SP3 machine, and also my Tadpole SPARC Solaris 10 machines, and the two files agreed under a binary zdiff comparison. The file size is 1,532,469,248 bytes. Three times out of three, when I tried to burn an image onto a DVD+R disk using my SONY USB 2.0 read/write external box (which I have used many times before, including to burn CDs and DVDs under older versions of cdburnerxp), the verification failed, saying the job was complete but maybe not accurate. MY current version is assemblyIdentity version="", the latest version reported by FileHippo. Is this a known problem? Thanks. Lester
  2. Flo: Previously, although I could log in to my account, that password did not work to download the beta software. I just went through the email verification process again to change my password, and now the new password works just fine to get into my account and to download the software. Thanks. Lester
  3. 24 Feb 07 Two weeks ago, on 10 Feb 07, I posted here after donating via Paypal. I still have not received *any* response, e.g., sending me the password to access the beta site? Lester ingber at ingber dot com
  4. Several days ago, I have donated with expectations of getting a beta-release version. Could you at least verify that I am supposed to receive an email from cdburnerxp.com with a password? I cannot access that board now? Thanks. Lester
  5. As you can see a posts up, yesterday I have registered here as a donor, after receiving my PayPal receipt from stha64@telia.com, and after verifying the email notice to register from noreply@cdburnerxp.se (so I can login here). Am I now supposed to get another email from cdburnerxp.se giving me a new login ans password to enter someplace on this site to download the latest beta version? Is the beta version ready to download? Lester
  6. Hi. I've made a PayPal donation, and would like to get the newest beta version of CDBurnerXP Pro. ingber
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