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  1. Thank you Flo - I assumed that your input to this forum meant that you were one (or the sole) developers. Who are they? Where are they? There appears to be no input or activity from them. CDburner XP Pro is listed on several sites, indicating many bonuses for people to use it, and there is virtually no support for it. Who did I PayPal a donation to? No reply, no thank you, and no access to the beta version after 3 days? This is not the way to attract users. I am happy to embrace the concepts and philosophies of open source/freeware applications, however please give the end-user something wh
  2. Me too, I donated but cannot access the beta area. How does it work? am I supposed to get another activation email? I would like to start using the beta version.
  3. Watts, I have tried to explain my problem as clear as possible. I am not a programmer, I'm not a computer geek or junkie, I rarely sit at a computer and have never used forums like this. I feel I've asked a relevant question, and you have provided an answer, thankyou. If CDburner Pro cannot recognize media which is imported using one of the most popular (completely free, no donations) media applications in the world, I'm not prepared to use it - especially considering I've burnt over 3,500 songs. I would have thought that CDburner Pro could play the iTunes-ripped songs on the player, bu
  4. HI, I have made a donation via PayPal for access to the Beta versions. Payment from redesford@netconnect.com.au thanks
  5. Let me clarify what I've said. I have a collection of approximately 5000 mp3 songs. Some are downloaded from Limewire at 192 kps, but most are imported using iTunes (Win XP version). When I attempt to create an audio CD in CDburner Pro, the mp3 files downloaded from Limewire can be dragged to the disc, ready to be burnt. However, when I drag any mp3 which was imported using iTunes initially, I get the error message: "File x.mp3 is not a supported audio file" Now I've check the file format and according to iTunes these files are MPEG 1 Layer 3. They play or rip successfully in
  6. I have the same problem, but it's not all mp3's. Its seems that any mp3 downloaded from Limewire work okay, but most of my mp3's are imported (ripped) with iTunes from my CD's - it is these that are not recognized by cdburner. It is a real pity - such an excellent program too.
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