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  1. this is one reason I stick with xp and I never ever set a password on my logon, even if its something I'll never forget, like my ss# you will get immediately locked out of your computer. Try safe mode, (repeatedly tap f8 on boot up until it beeps or pops up a menu if its like all the other systems) there might be a secret Administrator account that is for the maker of your pc. There is normally no password but it is slow as heck cause of all the special things they have loading. Then make another administrator acct so you still have access to your pc, dont fool around in that logon without kno
  2. My mom had to get her pc's hard drive replaced and the rental place didnt bother reinstalling any of the OEM software, leaving mom without a burner software. After a few weeks of hearing her complain about it i did a quick google search and found your software. After giving it a quick once over I downloaded it, burned it to a cd and gave installed it on her machine. Expecting some clunky and unwieldy little program I was amazed at how sleek and smooth it was. Booting up in half the time of SRN, I was able to effortlessly burn an mp3 to the install disk in half the time it normally takes. I
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