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  1. In CDburnerXP I set the burning speed to the highest possible in drop down list: "8x" Now when I burn a CD/DVD/BlueRay the maximal possible burning speed depends from the media and the burning device I use. I have 3 (!) different burning devices/drives here in my hardware.. If I click "burn" almost always a popup comes up warning me "The selected speed 8x is not supported by your device and disc. Would you like to continue the burning process with the highest speed possible instead?" This is annoying. I don't want to fiddle out the maximum speed and to adjust it manual
  2. If I switch to ISO9660/Jolliet can I enter then filenames over 127 chars? Are BlueRay multisessions possible with ISO9660/Jolliet? How can I officially request the implementation of longer filenames in CDburnerXP?
  3. Hmm, this page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Disk_Format says 255 chars in Unicode are allowed (see box at the right) Anyway: How do I switch in CDburnerXP to ANSI or NON-Unicode filenames? I need filenames more than 127 chars. Peter
  4. I burned some data files in multi-session mode and UDF v2.60 format on a blueray disc. As I found out all file names with a length > 127 are cut. Why? As far as I know UDF allows file names up to 256 chars. How can I tell CDburnerXP to allow longer file names? Peter
  5. Assume I already wrote in the past some files onto a multi-session disc (with UDF v2.60 format). How can I get the information how much free space is left on the disc (without having to calculate it manually). Does CDburnerXP show somewhere this information? Peter
  6. I prefer to automatically open and re-closed the disc device tray with the media disc physically after write and before verify. How can I tell CDburnerXP to do so? Peter
  7. Assume I put some data files with a UDF v2.60 format on a multi-session blueray disc. Can I delete some of them later? Theoretically this should be feasable by just deleting the corresponding files content table entry. But: How can I tell practically CDburnerXP to delete e.g. "file123.log"? I found no "remove file" entry. Thank you Peter
  8. I hava a blueray recorder and a couple of bif files. They should be burned onto a blueray media as multi-session with file system UDF v2.60. I found how to switch to UDF v2.60 But how do I tell CDburnerXP to create a multi.session blueray? Are the burn options only visible AFTER I clicked on "burn"? I prefer to set them in advance and finally start the real burning with click on "burn" Peter
  9. I have a problem with WinExplorer under 64bit Win 7: I inserted a BlueRay or DVD media and want to see the content (approx 12 big zip files) in Windows Explorer. But WinExp does not show them (on the right side in details list). If I click on the drive in WinExplorer nothing happens. Only the Media label is shown beside the drive letter on the left side of WinExp. All other tools (e.g. Beyond Compare, Double Commander, Explorer++) show the the containing files successfully. Even a "dir" in CommandPrompt shows them. I can copy them to my hard disk. So the media BlueRay/DVD is not da
  10. I would like to burn some (big) data files archives on a BlueRay with UDF file system. In order to add later some more files I would like to start a multi-session burning. Is this possible with CDburnerXP? Or is it only possible on DVD or only with ISO9660/Joliet? Peter
  11. Normally I burn data files onto CDs/DVDs. So I adjusted CDburnerXP to auto-select and auto-enter this mode and skip selection dialog. This is fine in general. However sometimes I want to burn an audio CD. For that purpose I have to go back one step and let CDburnerXP popup the project type selection dialog. How can I achieve this? Peter
  12. I have got an audio CD where I found only some .cda files on it. They can be played in physical CD player. Assume I have some *.mp3 files on my hard disc and want to burn them in the same format as the mentioned existing CDs. What do I have to do in CDburnerXP zu achieve this? With other words: Which options do I have to select? Do I have to convert the *.mp3 files first or is there an autoconvert inside CdburnerXP? Peter
  13. Assume I have a couple of independent *.iso images. Each of them can be put on an own CD/DVD, then the computer booted and the actual application run. Think of e.g. Clonezilla *.iso, AVG Antivir *.iso and GParted *.iso Now I prefer not to burn 3 CDs for the three applications mentioned above. Instead I want to put the three *.iso on ONE CD/DVD then wrap them into an "Outer"/Wrapper" operating system. When booted the outer operation system should let the user choose which of the inner *.iso should be run afterwards. The menu selection can be simple. Is this possible somehow?
  14. I tried to start cdburnerxp (32bit) on a russian WinXP system but got an error. A popup tells me always "error at Initialisation". Previous versions (v4.3) do work successfully on this WinXP. So why doesn't start v4.4? Does CDburnerXP need a .NET runtime? Peter
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