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  1. No i was working on pt-PT (portuguese european) but lost password. cheers
  2. Hi Please send me a new password cause i lost it. cheers carlos
  3. Hi because i have lost the password to upload the files attached is the latest file with the updated file til today cheers
  4. sorry anyway the locale is up to date. cheers lloco73
  5. hi all strings are updated. if you want to try please pm. cheers lloco73
  6. I for what i see the pt-PT is all translated. If you have any improvements to make please send me a PM. cheers lloco73
  7. hi i'm also having the same problem. Must say that i'm on a acer aspire 5633 notebook with XP MCE. cheers lloco73
  8. pt-PT translation fully done how can i send/upload it? cheers lloco73
  9. i'm translating to pt-PT. when finished how can i upload it? cheers lloco73
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