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  1. >>"if you want to copy the files on a disc, you drag them from the disc into the current project pane."

    Did that. From my 3/16 post:

    - The bottom-left section has "New_Compilation", the bottom-right section is empty, and the content bar beneath these sections lists 485+MB used on the CD.

    Now, when I dragged the items from the upper-right pane to the lower-right pane, the 485+MB doubled. The amount in excess of 650MB was a different color on the bar graph - to indicate how much wouldn't fit on a blank CD, I guess.

    It's trial and error for me as well, however, any other help is appreciated.

  2. Under the File menu is an option to "Save image as ISO file..." Also, the index within the Help window lists "Create ISO" as a topic along with instructions. Were these included for future functionality, or is this version incapable of creating ISOs. Everything I've read indicates that it can do so. If not, can someone provide a URL where it is stated definitively that v3.0.116 can not. Otherewise, I'm back to finding the software and/or hardware issue which is preventing this feature from working.

  3. While the intention was good, that is not a viable solution.

    - To begin, Isorecorder requires WinXP - I'm running Win2k sp4.

    - Secondly, you're defeating the purpose of using Cdburnerxp. This app has the functionality to create ISO files from CDs or DVDs, yet, it's not doing so on my system.

    Although this app is on the right track - good layout, features, maneuverability, and enhancement projection - its documentation is lacking. It's freeware, I'm not knocking it. I compared numerous apps prior to settling with Cdburnerxp. It fit my requirements and had (still has) strong potential, but documentation is a vital component of any piece of software.

    Now, instead of downloading and installing another app to perform a particular function that Cdburnerxp is supposed to do, it would be prudent to simply replace Cdburnerxp. I would like to avoid that scenario and remain with this app (see reasons above). If it can be determined what is causing/preventing this feature from functioniong, whether it be software and/or hardware related, would not only benefit me, but others in similar circumstances, and most importantly, the developers, so they can make a damn good product even better.

    This isn't a rant, it's simply clarification.

  4. Step 1 does not work for my installation.

    - Initially, I loaded the disc prior to opening the program. If I load the disc after openning the program, the program will not properly display disc info (but that's another issue).

    - I then selected the first option ("Create a new...ISO image")

    - The bottom-left section has "New_Compilation", the bottom-right section is empty, and the content bar beneath these sections lists 485+MB used on the CD.

    - Now, when I select File > Save Image as ISO File, the "Create ISO From Image" window opens.

    - I selected the "Set Labels" button and modified the "Volume Label" within the "Set ISO Volume Labels" window.

    - I selected the "Boot Options" button and clicked the "Make Disc Bootable" checkbox, then clicked OK.

    - The "Select ISO Image Format" option is set to "Create CD ISO Image".

    - In the "Select where to save the ISO image" field, I browsed and selected the appropriate folder.

    - I clicked the "Create ISO" button, the progress bar instantly displays 100% while a small window opens with the message "ISO File Created successfully!".

    - In the small window, I click OK. The "Create ISO From Image" window displays the image size as 2.13MB.

    So, what happened to other 480+MB of data?

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