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  1. I'm just a newbie with a 'maybe this will work' solution... Currently, I am using win 2000 - and disconnected internet and disabled anti-virus software while burning. Perhaps, you could try this - and see if it helps. Hope it works... jay_e
  2. ANSWER FOUND: (After reviewing more of the forum discussions..) To burn disc from existing ISO file - Ignore the secondary widow that has GUI to select files, and Use 'File' Button in main window.... So, with version 3.0.116 the steps could be: 1. Launch CDBurnerXP 3. If the secondary window does not yet exist, at the welcome screen "New Compilation window" select the first option to "Create a new data CD......." Now, the main menu bar, main icon bar, and seconsary window(titled: CD/DVD Layout) should exist. 2. Put in a blank disc 3. Go to 'File' on the main menu
  3. Hi! I looked through the FAQ installed and forums - but I didn't see quite what I was looking for. Please help.. I'm running version 3.0.116 of cdburnerxp on windows 2000. I have (Debian)Linux ISO file that i want to burn - to create install disks for another PC. When I use the iso Option, I do not want the windows boot because I want to install Linux. The FAQ says that the ISO file should have the boot info. But I don't know which option to use on the cdburnerXP menu... The ISO file - or rather, its bitTorrent Link is at http://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/3.1 ... so.torrent
  4. Hi, I noticed a link or permission problem... Going to 'donations'. Two ways - one way gives problem 1) From forum list - Choose news, then donation - works OK Link is viewtopic.php?f=2&t=290 WORKS FINE!! 2) From forum list; to donation forum/topic. Link is viewforum.php?f=6 Get error: You do not have the required permissions to read topics within this forum Looks like two different topics & 1 was disabled? Thanks, Jay E.
  5. HI! New donor here. Would like Beta when it becomes available. Thanks, jay_e
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