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  1. With the latest version there is now a different selector for the burn mode (Auto,TaO, DaO, SaO) and I have sometimes seen problems with Track At Once burning but with Auto selected the burn progress dialog gives no indication of which mode has been selected. Can I suggest that part of Burn Progress display show a line such as : Disk at Once P-W (DAO96) Burn Method Selected This would help with diagnosing if someone has a problem. Thanks Dave
  2. Flo, This is not meant as a criticism, but if that is the case, then I would recommend additing to the internal options, and also clarify that SCSI means External SCSI drives. Dave
  3. I have been using CDBurnerXP for a while now and find it so much better than Nero "Bloatware" so thanks to all... I have noticed a few silly points though: on the "Report working drive" feature you are asked to select the BUS that the drive is connected to, but SATA is not an option! May also be worth adding SAS for future drives... Dave
  4. When copying dual layer DVDs to ISO files for some reason the copy process always stops at 4Gb. Is this a limitation of the software? Dave
  5. Flo, In the latest version the DAO/TAO setting does not appear to be saved correctly - I have to select it every time I burn a disc (most of the time I am burning ISO files). Dave
  6. well i'll be.... I've been testing every button and feature I could find since 3.5.xx and never noticed that a) you gave us a copy disc feature, and it could create ISOs! I really should rtfm more! Dave
  7. I would also like the ability to create an ISO file from a CD or DVD. I do not see the need to bypass copy protection, and I am not asking for this but currently I have to rely on other software to create ISOs from disks which is a little frustrating! Dave
  8. thanks for that - I was really struggling to get the installer made as an MSI! Dave
  9. I have seen this error with a number of drives with 4.0.013 (not tested the newer version yet). The best suggestion I have to get around the problem is insert the blank disc and then load CDBXP. If at any point you insert a disc with data on you will have to re-load CDBXP with the blank disk you want to use already inserted. Dave
  10. lol, yes I understand the problem! As ever if there is any testing / investigating / proving required you know where to ask! Programing however I leave to the experts
  11. Hmm, how about giving me an open copy of the installer script so I can make an MSI for all those people who will want it? Dave
  12. I can confirm this will be a big problem. Dave
  13. Is there any chance of you making an MSI installer for CD Burner? Dave
  14. what happens if you choose any of the other options, is it the same Dave
  15. I wholeheartedly agree with this. the option to Right Click on an ISO file and "Burn With CDBurnerXP" would save me no end of time! Dave
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