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  1. Thx. I already uploaded new fixed version. P.S. Jako, że to ja zajmuję się na chwilę obecną tłumaczeniem programu to gdybyś Ty lub ktokolwiek inny znalazł jakieś błędy w tłumaczeniu to proszę info od razu na na lukasz.nowaczynski(at)gmail.com. Dzięki.
  2. Hi, Probably it is too late but.... When we have imported session and we choose Disc - Import Session... This line is missing in english original file 0.8. Best regards, Lukasz.N
  3. Hi, I found one mistake in new english resx-file (with acces keys): Instead "Check for new version" tooltip show: ...and missing lines: Best regards, Lukasz.N
  4. Hi, I notice some missing lines in english resx-file (version 0.6): 1: 2: Best regards, Lukasz.N
  5. Hi, I've already finished (100% done) translation to polish language (tested on version and I will upload it today or tommorow.
  6. Hello, I have donated via pay pal. Can I get a access to the beta forum? e-mail: lukasz_nowaczynski@o2.pl Thanks. Lukasz
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