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  1. Sorry, I wanted to say "please speak english"... that was for cccc lol I think I'm quite tired lol Easy Burnerid="orange">
  2. Pour répondre à cccc en français, il n'y a pas encore de version française, le multi-langage est au programme mais pour une date indéterminée. Et si tu ne parles pas l'anglais, j'ai du mal à comprendre comment tu vas traduire [] CD Burner XP has french fans lol but please speak french so that more people can understand [] Easy Burnerid="orange">
  3. Patience... Maybe soon, maybe not...[] Easy Burnerid="orange">
  4. Yes probably ! "When?" that is the question [] Easy Burnerid="orange">
  5. German developpers?? What did I say ! lol [][] Plattes excuses à la Suède !! (Sorry Sweden!) Easy Burnerid="orange">
  6. I understand debugging the program requires a lot of time. Nevertheless, releasing the program in different languages would help making it more popular, and maybe easier to debug (ok ok I'm quite utopist lol [] ). Anyway, as I posted today, I'm ready for a french translation (as far not the easiest language on the planet [xx(] ) So we'll see later... Easy Burnerid="orange">
  7. I hope I'm not wrong, but I think it would result in more time spent to make a patch, for a file not necessary a lot smaller... [] I think it's the same for Nero (each release is a complete version) Easy Burnerid="orange">
  8. Yes I agree with that, but we may let some time to our favorite german developpers [] What do you mean with "1:1" copy ? Reader to Burner or Burner to Burner ??[?] Easy Burnerid="orange">
  9. Anyway it would not be a bad idea to create this function in the future [] Many people do enjoy it to copy more easily while having a burner and a CD/DVD drive. Maybe later [] Easy Burnerid="orange">
  10. Hello! I'm french and I enjoy your product. I think it is powerfull for a home or in some ways for a professional use. Maybe it's lacking in "conviviality". A "novice user mode" could be interresting. I try to introduce some customers or some members of my familiy to your program, that's why I'm telling you that. One last thing: as I wrote it, I'm french. And I didn't see a french translation of CDBurnerXP. Maybe you would appreciate a french translation?? If you want me to try, please contact me, it would be a pleasure to help you. Bye, and continue your nice job!
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