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  1. I've started translating the 0.5 version. 28-AUG - 15:00 0370 / 2497 ~ 15% 04/SEP - 09:13 0644/ 2497 ~ 25% I'm expeting to finish next week. [CA]: Si algú es veu amb cor d'ajudar-me ens podriem partir la feina. Hauriem de fer servir l'estandard: http://www.softcatala.org/projectes/ein ... recull.htm Gràcies per avançat.
  2. Hi everybody I will do that translation with my girlfriend. Using notepad++
  3. I could do the job in CATALAN language. I'm TI engineer and my girlfriend works as translator from english, german, french to spanish or catalan. Thanks in advance.
  4. Talking about TRANSLATION... It would be very nice to translate to catalan the new realease. I'm a TI worker and my girlfriend is a licensed translator. So the result will be very good. If you don't know which language is catalan I'll explain... Europe > Spain > Catalonia (capital: Barcelona) It is also spoken in a high percentage of population in Valencia (Spain), Andorra la Vella (Europe > Andorra, AND). And in less percent on: Occitania-Llenguadoc -Rossellon (South-France), Alguer (Italy > Sardinia) The target of the language is about 5 ~ 7 million of real speaker
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