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  1. Hi there just me... you should actually register in the forums... I actually have the same issue but only when I burn a second session in a different version of cdburnerxp, did you burn the 1st and 2nd in different versions of cdburnerXP?, I recommend not to burn different sessions in different versions of the software.
  2. Well then i'll wait for the next version of Cdburner and see if it changes the playback order to the order it should follow.. thank you very much for keeping this project alive, is a great software.
  3. Actually it works fine with the non dual layer discs. I sort them as they show up.. in the case of 4.7gb dvd would be like Serie's name 01 .... 02 .... 03 etc... The only bad experience is only with dual layer discs and I've only tested it in CDburnerXP.
  4. Great to know. But something is really bothering me and I don't know if is related with software, maybe you could give more light to it. after I burning the dvd, it starts in file 100 then after it reaches file 112, then starts file 54, so it plays it like: 100 to 112 then 54 to 99, could that be an issue of cdburner xp... I think I might try to use windows 7 built burner and see what happens or this don't have anything related with the numeric feature?
  5. Haha, honestly sometimes I do forget about having a widescreen, sadly the only site where I can read naruto and bleach these days.. as you other manga fans might know, manga publisher don't want us to read it online, adding to the fact that we are like 6 volumes away from current events. The issue with cdburnerxp is quite interesting, if I use a 4.7gb disc, is not problem at all, as I said is only happening with dual layer... I thought it was an issue with the filenames and the firmware of the dvd player, but nope. BTW, does cdburner supports blu ray ? because I'm buying some blu way devices this week.
  6. Ok I got 52 videos (avi/mp4), that I'd like to save in my dvd for playing in my divx dvd player, the issue is that Cdburner xp pro changes the order of the files after you have 30 files in it... let's suppose these videos are named from 1 to 52, before you reach 31 the order would look like: 01 Video 02 Video 03 Video 04 Etc... The problem appears after you add file 31, video order is broken and looks like: 01 video 03 video 02 video 04 etc.. And just like that it plays.
  7. I was about to post this... but add that sometimes it closes the disc without adding the new files... glad that I'm not the only one.
  8. Well more than everything it stops the dam box each time you insert a dvd with a session open, is kinda annoying to click continue multisession each time we insert a dvd. And for the closing automatic feature, is to let us set when we want to close the dvd automatically.
  9. completed, lets say that I want every cd/dvd completed in a 95% to be automatically closed.
  10. omarperezcordero@gmail.com, i loved the 3.0 and I would like to see if 4.0 works on vista. for devs, amazing job. best burner software, simple but really effective.
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