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  1. pikaczu

    new version

    Will there be a new version?
  2. pikaczu

    CDBurnerXP 4.5 beta

    when final?
  3. no shortcuts in the start menu in vista
  4. Please improve the shortcuts to start menu, because it does not appear in vista a folder with shortcuts
  5. pikaczu

    New version: 4.3.7 and OpenCandy

    no shortcuts in the start menu in vista
  6. whether these drives / recorders BD-Combo ASUS-08B1ST BC and BD-ROM ASUS BR-04B2T, supports cdburner xp?
  7. pikaczu

    CDBurnerXP MSI package (beta)

    when, version 4.3?
  8. it was recently in the main window cdburner
  9. please [attachment=0]1.jpg[/attachment] in 4.3 beta also
  10. welcome not correctly a window is shown to choose from, he appears too earlier what is supposed to do cdburner
  11. pikaczu

    New public beta version: 4.3

    badly a main window and a window are shown to choose from action. I came back for previous.
  12. pikaczu

    CDBurnerXP update:

    welcome I don't like him oneself this automatic update
  13. welcome what became www with Polish on the side?

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