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  1. Anyone help with this?? - experimented with a pile of discs now with no luck... A lead will be much appreciated - must be doing something different from last time Thanks Grant
  2. Hi all, Back again, have just again tried burning a disc in this Mode 2 format (5 discs infact) & they appear to burn & verify OK but the nav unit in my car wont read them -it normally will read both Mode 1 (original disc that I have & copies made in that format) or Mode 2 copies - which I had previously sussed & confirmed successfull earlier in this thread. Using TDK CD-R80 discs, tried different burn speeds, using a Nav CD.ISO file 80832.15 KB in size (as previous) going through: disc, write disc..., selecing mode 2XA, verify, finalise, use buffer protection (non boot
  3. Mode 2 disc all works in target car as I anticipated --Rapt!!
  4. Flo, Thanks a bunch, Converted to ISO, burnt mode 2 copy & it works in my car. Now just need to confirm it works in the target car - shouldnt be a problem - will confirm here when I know. Thanks for the help - much appreciated Grant
  5. Hi again, Just checked the file on H/Drive & under file description is "Nero disc image" Are you saying I need to load an ISO (what does this stand for?) version file of the original disc to my H/Drive as well then burn a Mode 2 of that with CDBXP? Assumming so - are you able to give me a process of doing - can I use CDBXP to load the disc to H/Drive? if not what? Thanks for the support Grant
  6. Hi, Not sure on that - excuse my ignorance but what does NRG stand for? Not sure on originating data either but it is obviously mapping data & on CDROM.- Does that explain?? File is only 81000KB in size. I originally used nero to load from original disc to H/Drive & have since used nero to burn from H/Drive for the same Mode 1 copies. I just tried to use the same file on H/Drive (Nav CD nrg) to burn the mode 2 copy with CDBurnerXP. Is this the right way to do it? Or does the file on H/Drive somehow have to be altered first? Thanks
  7. Hi all - new kid here, Not computer savy so please bear with me Have CDBurnerXP PRO programme loaded on computer. I have an original vehicle navigation CD ROM disc that is recorded in Mode 1 & is also loaded to my HDrive of which I have previously burnt copies from with nero express also in Mode 1 format (successfully) I now need to burn a version of the same disc in Mode 2, Form 1 format to suit some earlier vehicle navigation units. (nero express wont do Mode 2) I had a go with CDBurnerXP Pro & although it did burn in Mode 2 (from my H/Drive Mode 1) - it wouldn't play
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