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  1. hi, if a multisession dvd is inserted, cdburnerxp asks, if i want to continue or not continue the dvd. this is nice, but it would be nicer, if (assumed, cdburnerxp recognized that a rewritable dvd was inserted) i also would be asked, if i want to erase the dvd (if i do not wish to do both of the options and too lazy to cancel and erase the dvd manually). i know, i can erase the dvd by hand, but in this task, it would be a good add-on to have the option to erase the dvd too, not only to contunue or not continue a multisession dvd. (same on cd) cheers
  2. hi, cdburnerXP,, 1) (bug/request) on a default data-cd project, i delete the disc-name (disc) with F2 and delete all the chars, so the name-field is empty. then "file or directory names can not be blank" popup comes up. it must be allowed to have empty disc-names. please change that. 2) (bug) go to options=>data options, change the "default disc label" to "" (empy) start a new project and find "disc" as the name of the disc. please allow to have empty disc labels. cheers
  3. hi, please consider to lead the user to the erase cd menu, or erase the cd automaticly, if user wants to burn a cd from image-file and cd is not empty. until now, cdburnerXP just tells the user that the cd isnt empty. lazy program cheers
  4. hi, i just wanted to copy a cd inside nero, but behaviour is so dumb, that i closed it and wanted to copy the cd with CDBurnerXP. but i didnt find a button for that after reading this: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4975&p=17821&hilit=copy+cd#p17821 i knew that you dont support that until now. ok, sad but true, but what to do starting nero again :=) but what i wanted you to tell was, not to trap in the same lame behaviour like nero, which does this: i inserted a oversized burned disc (760MB) to copy and pressed copy. nero copied the image (i have only one cd-burning-device) to the disk and after that, it wanted the destination cd. i inserted a normal (650MB) disk, because i forgot about the size of the source cd. nero then told me, that the disk is to small and if i wanted to overburn it. no, i dont wanted, because i know, the cd is to small to overburn, so i ejected it and inserted a bigger cd (800mb) but nero did not accecpt the disk, because the window had no reread-button to read ne new inserted cd. so the only thing i could do was cancel the operation an started the copy process again so please, if you anywhen have a copyCD/DVD feature, let the user the option to eject a cd and reread the size, without having him to read the whole cd again...
  5. hi, i did not found a way to *automticly* burn a rewritable disc, after it has been erased. if i insert a full rw-disc and click on "burn", i'll be asked if i want to erase the disc. of course, i want that! but i don't want to sitz in front of the computer the whole time and wait until the disc is erased and *then* click on "write that disc now" so this is my feature request. anybody else find this useful? (or is this possible right now, and i did not find it?) cheers,
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