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  1. thanks flo. is it gonna be called DVDBurnerVista ? deepburner is currently taking 50 mins to burn a dvd on my 16x dvd burner.. got a copy of nero express 6 thrown in with the machine, which was pre-installed with vista.. and 6 don't support vista.. and the vista built in dvd writing has crashed on me several times, making some lovely coasters. it just aint meant to be..
  2. I can't get it to run on Vista either (Business mode). When I run I get a warning : "You are running Windows NT or Windows 95, the program may not run under those systems!" then on selecting create a data CD/DVD get a critical error "The drive(s) could not be initialized..." then an information "There are no compatible CDR drives reported. Some older SDR drives are not currently supported." RMB on the desktop or start menu icon doesn't show "Run as admin" and "run as admin" is also greyed out in the advanced properties. Doing Run as admin on cdbxp.exe makes no difference to this issue. NMSAccess service is installed, but also makes no difference (could do with a description on the service). running 3.0.116 Cheerz, H
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