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  1. Hello! Recenly on my Windows XP Pro x64 SP2 I upgraded to recent version, i.e. Unfortunately I don't remember which version I had before, but it was never failing like it is doing now. One day I tried to record BD (first use of upgraded CDBXP), but I went for x8 instead of x6 that is supported by BD disc I use. Recording ended with error, but I thought it was related to overspeed burning. So I retried with x6, and it ended same way. Today I retried and got the same error (3rd use of upgraded CDBXP). Later I burnt something taking less space and burning went fine, but verification failed at one file. Finally I did 5th recording since upgrade, this time having logging enabled and I got the error again. Each time error happens it is close to the end of burning: somewhere at 9x% tray is ejected and message is shown after a few seconds. (Fifth burning gave error at 91%.) This time the timing was following: 16:58:40 Burn process started at 6x (26 970 KB/s) 17:16:15 Error occurred: Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040275 Just for the record: - I use Lite-On iHBS212, firmware HL04 - DVD Identifier shows following info about Platinum discs I use: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unique Disc Identifier : [BD-R-SL:RITEK-BR3-000] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disc Type : [BD-R SL : Class 0 - Version 1] Manufacturer Name : [Ritek Corp.] Manufacturer ID : [RITEK] Media Type ID : [BR3] Product Revision : [000] Stamper Date : [Not Present On Disc] Layer Info : [1 Layer (L0) : 25.03 GB (23.31 GiB) Per Layer] Blank Disc Capacity : [12,219,392 Sectors = 25.03 GB (23.31 GiB)] Recording Speeds : [1x , 2x , 4x , 6x] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ DVD Identifier V5.2.0 - http://DVD.Identifier.CDfreaks.com ] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- XZ compressed log is big (15 MB), so I uploaded it to MF: https://www.mediafire.com/?ab889e729n0ybbl Maybe I'll downgrade CDBXP after all and retry previously failing stuff with it.
  2. Before I test 4.5 beta, could you tell me, floele, whether verification should work ok now, i.e. not taking insane amounts of time?
  3. I understand it , but why did you suggest giving 4.5 alpha a try if you knew it won't work at all? BTW just now I am in the process of verifying bd with 13 files in 4.4. 25 mins passed, progressbar is in 3/7 and remaining time is shown as 57 mins. It's insane. (Burning alone took 23 mins.)
  4. In Get Latest Beta here! thread there is 4.5 alpha (, which is presumably pretty old build, 4.4 has 2854 nowadays for instance) in first post's attachment and in known issues section there is following statement: Verification does not work. So I'm not sure whether it can be really that useful for testing possible verification speed improvement. Or you meant some other version?
  5. Is it just me or bluray verification still takes enormously long time? Like 50 minutes or more, while burning alone (4x) is finished within 25 mins... Is there any good free alternative to CD Burner XP supporting bluray recording?
  6. I agree that this feature would be really helpful. One day I created a simple command-line program for storage maxifying (depending on target size), but without mentioned reasonable filters. Then I didn't know CDBurnerXP, which saves compilations in XML-format files. Maybe I should dust it
  7. We can burn disc from ISO file and convert BIN, NRG files to ISO. Firstly, there should be CUE+BIN mentioned (and supported of course) instead of BIN file alone, with checkbox for lacking CUE and using "default" parameters. Secondly, if conversion is possible, why not to allow burning directly from NRG or (CUE+)BIN. I'll be glad seeing this in next beta/final release.
  8. I have donated, because I appreciate your great work. Looking forward to trying new version on Vista.
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