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  1. Yes, it is agreat pity!!! I started to love this, but now.... Have to give up on yet another burning app... So: back to ImgBurn and Prassi ONES. CU
  2. Hello, I like the app very much! It's sensibly ordered, burns Video-DVDs (a feature, I had missed in earlier versions) and does a very reliable job. And it is FREE! My question(s): - I'd like to keep my settings concerning tray ejection after burn (unchecked in my case) and also keep unchecked "verify...after burn" (using the German version here...) How should I set it up to keep these settings? - Have I understood correctly that setting "ignore sessions" would automatically overwrite/delete rewritable media, when burn process is started? THAT's exactly what I would need. I've burned my 3rd project now and previously chose "delete..." from the menu, but one-step procedure would be more to my liking. Thanks for a great app! Keep up the good work!
  3. Hello everyone, I'd like access to beta-version as well, thanks all! Just now donated via PayPal. nbarzgar
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