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  1. Depending on the MP3 tracks you are burning, some appear loud and some appear quiet. When I was in the car I thought the disc had stopped but realised the volume needed turning up. Media Player levels off the volume as best as it can, and is fairly useful. p.s. Sometimes when a track ends e.g. 3.00mins, the CD track can go onto like the 5th min in silence.
  2. As funny as it sounds, Im really relying on CD Burner XP as flippin Win XP cant detect DVD-RW drive burning options. Registrey mods... been there done that . So I forgot XP's built in burner...CD Burner XP is fab! I was making some archive back-ups onto DVD+R, but some files and folders never appeared on disc after successful completion. After this point, I recorded every disc onto a DVD-RW first to make sure it worked (save discs). When it feels like it, CD Burner throws up an error about 32 character length (which I understand to be the filename length depending on burn version, ISO/J/U
  3. Error when burning to blank DVD-RW: Hello. I have had big trouble with my Pioneer DVR 112 rw drive. I have XP Pro and my drive has no recording options. It should do as it writes to CD-R, DVD+-R/W and DVD-RAM according to the spec. Somebody said its a dodgy firmware and I was advised to get CD Burner XP as it is better than XP's integrated CD writing wizard. At last, a program that recognises the drive, tells me how much space is avaliable and writes to CD/CD-RW perfectly. DVD burning is the issue. I add some test images to burn onto my Sony DVD-RW disc and I click burn. In the tim
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