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  1. Mikey, If you will at least read all my posts in this thread, I think you will find that I am not advocating a "desire" for "new". What I am advocating is that when a software developer says he/she is going to produce a new version and then start asking for money over a two year period without producing anything.......well, I think you may understand.....then again maybe not. Also, apparently, if I as a "new" user to CDBurnerXP want to find out the latest status of the "NEW" version, I have to be a donator to the site. NOT!!!!!!! So, as the commercial says......"Give it to Mik
  2. FireFox.....FireFox you say.....why yes, as a matter of fact I am using that little beastie. And you're right....it is FireFox that is doing the checking.......my bad. Can't be right all the time. Now go have a great day and thanks for the info. TTFN
  3. Well, let me see.....if I misspell a werd it gets underlined in red which I guess tells me I messed up sumwheres. Not sure how much checking or suggesting it would do for correction, but at least somehow it is telling you "Hey Dude, check yer spelling." Now don't that make ya happy...... TTFN
  4. Actually, I didn't think my spelling was all that bad. If it was, then I guess I can blame the spell checker in this forum. It doesn't catch 'em all, but it does do a fair enuf job at it. Now go have a great day. Oh, one other thing.....I do find it surprising that none of the nay-sayers have replied to any of my replies to them. Hmmm....wonder if they're having changes of mind. Possibilities exit.
  5. I will ditto that....FINALLY.....I say again......FINALLY, someone understands what I have been saying over the past few days. Thank you gaijin. Yes, I too will give Flo credit for being the "white knight" and holding the banner high, but I am afraid that even he has shown cracks in his armour. Maybe the rest of the group will finally understand. And please believe me, I am not trying to sway users of CDBurnerXP away from using the program. It is pretty damned good in what it does. But, like gaijin says.....While the developers sit back and rewrite and fuss and cuss and rewrite
  6. Flo, Thank you very much for the very informative status update on CDBurnerXP. At least from my point of view it is much appreciated and as you yourself said.....needed to quell the uprising. Yes, discussion is a good thing.....a very good thing. And as I hope the other users now see, can produce results.....sometimes good, sometimes bad......but nonetheless, we are discussing and in some cases fussing and cussing. So a quick question here: This CDBurnerXP web site.....is it yours or the developers or what. From the gist of your answers and explanations about the program, you s
  7. Okey, I surrender. You guys have finally made me realize that this is going to be an exercise in futility. Here are the sequence of events from my point of view. 1 - I obtained CDBurnerXp a few weeks ago and used it to burn some CD's. Worked just fine from what I could see. 2 - After about a week of use I hit the "update" feature and it did not work. I was referred to a program that was not on my system and told that I would have to run it in order to update CDBurnerXP. Not finding the program on my system I decided to go to the developers web site to see what the latest status of
  8. Servant, Great reply and finally an explanation as to what has happened to the development process of CDBurnerXP. I am not a programmer, developer or anything close to it. I am just a "joe on the street" user. Don't pretend to understand Netframework and don't really want to. But at least now I know what is going on. That was all I was asking. And since I see that there are quiet a few versions of NetFramework out there, then this process could take even longer if things keep changing with NetFramework as they seem to be doing. I will now be happy to sit back and wait to see
  9. Hey Guest......no need to start cussing (kinda shows your mental capacity). Geewhiz, it's just a friendly discussion about the progress of the new version of the program. I don't expect anything from the developers other than what they, themselves, say they are going to do......produce a new version of their program. I don't think that a potential user should have to pay just to find out the status of a program that they may want to start using. And even if they did donate, the donation would only allow them to read some words telling them that the program is supposedly coming along
  10. Axel, I do, in fact, respect the work of any developer and I do accept their release plans/strategies. But, can you or anyone else tell me just what those plans/strategies for CDBurnerXP are? Oh, sorry, you can't tell me cause I haven't donated any money yet. Also, a lot of users have contributed monies since the start of this revision thing back in 2005. Just how much motivation do these developers need? Seems pretty simple to me.....users have been contributing (sometimes 2 or 3 times) so......"GIT 'ER DONE". Now go have a great day. Bill
  11. Okey, so I amaze you by asking if there is really going to be an update after waiting for almost 2 years. Yes, I know it is free, but when in very early 2005 they stated that there is going to be a major revision and then 2 years later there is nothing new......well, I think we have a right to start asking questions. I know what developers have to go through with all their obligations, but if it's not going to be a full time job in developing this particular program, then state so on the web site. Let users know what is going on. Tell us up front that there are independent developers
  12. Flo said to Bill - "Nope. You do not donate to become a beta tester, but if you donate, you may have a look at the recent progress. If only donate because you want the latest beta, you are probably doing something wrong." So unless I donate, I guess I will never know the progress that is being made. Not exactly conducive to your customers that would like to know the status before they decide to give up on you. I am only a new user of CDBurnerXP and this is not exactly impressing me with customer support. From previous message Bill said to Flo - "Looks like a lot of people have donated
  13. ..Is there really gonna be a new version and if so, WHEN? Ya'll seem to have been working on this for almost 2 years now, getting users to donate to yer cause but not showing any results. And calling 3.5 a "major" revision.......not really. That's more like an update to the original program with no need for beta testing of any kind. If it's truly a "major" revision, then it should be called version 4 and then the alpha and beta testing would commence. And as for donating to be a beta tester........NOT!!!!!! You should actually be paying us to be your testers, not us paying you
  14. Is there really going to be a "New" version of CDBurnerXP or not? Seems the original announcement was back in 2004 about a "new" version and it's now well into 2007 with nothing but a request to "donate" to be a beta tester. Who ever heard of such a ridiculous request? Like I'm supposed to pay you to be allowed to do your public testing of a supposed new version of your program. I don't think so. Looks like a lot of people have "donated" but no results yet. You're not just taking our money and running are ya???? And what's up with the "check for new update" feature on the old
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