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  1. not sure why so much time is spent on the hard disk. random accesses?
  2. new blank disc shows as 100% full, files added show further in red for instance, a 700MiB JVC CD-R, shows all blue, Used 695.31MB. adding 294MB+2.09KB+5.09MB results in showing 995.88MB in the red as overage. drive is Pioneer Electronics BDR-2208. so far it has burned fine, until using
  3. I do computer repair. I would like to parallel-process the drives and generate the appropriate reports for each drive on a multi-drive computer. saves me time. one source set of files, parallel drives, with which they can be verified after burning. if they verify after burning, then I know the drives are OK. verification results can be shown as a (text or otherwise) list. I might also like to choose to do a separate collection of files per drive. this is for software development where sometimes I have the need to burn different data to different drives. being able to do them as asynchronous jobs would be even better! either of these scenarios is possible.
  4. changed to udf 1.5, udf 2.6, made no difference, although UDF 2.6 is recommended for blu-ray. there are microsoft XP/vista drivers for blu-ray here: blu-ray for xp/vista IMAPI interestingly enough, I see a "No Disc" in the lower left hand corner. this is a Pioneer BDR-2208 which is supposed to do BDR-XL 128GB. pioneer BDR-2208 - 15x Internal BD/DVD/CD Burner. Supports BDXL™ media. Cyberlink® software included. SATA interface. | Pioneer Electronics USA The discs are blue 25GB Memorex BDR-SL. the bar graph shows just barely short of full, and 9775.13MB. apparently there's no blu-ray support even though starburn does support blu-ray? or it's the combination of stuff. UPDATE: http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Computer/Computer+Drives this does not list my drive, even though I can burn DVD's and cd's with it, it does not see the capacity of BD-R's correctly. seems like most of their drives are not blu-ray on that list, in fact, the drive list appears to be about 10-20 years old, maybe the list just hasn't been updated? could they please add some blu-ray drives, especially drives that support burning BDXL? they run about $70-99 USD. thanks. 2/23 0:44:43.180 (6670) CStarBurn_Exception::~CStarBurn_Exception(): ENTERed 2/23 0:44:43.180 (6670) CStarBurn_Exception::~CStarBurn_Exception(): EXITing with success 2/23 0:44:43.180 (6670) CStarBurn_Exception::~CStarBurn_Exception(): ENTERed 2/23 0:44:43.195 (6670) CStarBurn_Exception::~CStarBurn_Exception(): EXITing with success 2/23 0:44:43.195 (6670) CStarBurn_Exception::~CStarBurn_Exception(): ENTERed 2/23 0:44:43.195 (6670) CStarBurn_Exception::~CStarBurn_Exception(): EXITing with success 2/23 0:44:43.195 (6670) CStarBurn_Exception::~CStarBurn_Exception(): ENTERed 2/23 0:44:43.195 (6670) CStarBurn_Exception::~CStarBurn_Exception(): EXITing with success 2/23 0:44:43.195 (6670) CStarBurn_Exception::~CStarBurn_Exception(): ENTERed 2/23 0:44:43.195 (6670) CStarBurn_Exception::~CStarBurn_Exception(): EXITing with success 2/23 0:44:43.195 (6670) CStarBurn_Exception::~CStarBurn_Exception(): ENTERed 2/23 0:44:43.195 (6670) CStarBurn_Exception::~CStarBurn_Exception(): EXITing with success 2/23 0:44:43.195 (6670) CStarBurn_Exception::~CStarBurn_Exception(): ENTERed 2/23 0:44:43.195 (6670) CStarBurn_Exception::~CStarBurn_Exception(): EXITing with success 2/23 0:44:43.195 (6670) CStarBurn_Exception::~CStarBurn_Exception(): ENTERed 2/23 0:44:43.195 (6670) CStarBurn_Exception::~CStarBurn_Exception(): EXITing with success 2/23 0:44:43.195 (6670) CStarBurn_Exception::~CStarBurn_Exception(): ENTERed 2/23 0:44:43.195 (6670) CStarBurn_Exception::~CStarBurn_Exception(): EXITing with success 2/23 0:44:43.195 (6670) CStarBurn_Exception::~CStarBurn_Exception(): ENTERed 2/23 0:44:43.195 (6670) CStarBurn_Exception::~CStarBurn_Exception(): EXITing with success 2/23 0:44:43.195 (6670) --OCX--> ERR: Context[ CStarBurnX::InitializeEx ] : SPTD driver detection error. 2/23 0:53:40.676 (65dc) StarBurnX.DllMain(): EXITing2/23 0:53:40.676 (65dc) --OCX--> : DESTROY OBJECT$ Context[ ] : CStarBurnX 2/23 0:53:40.676 (65dc) --OCX--> : Context[ CStarBurnX::Uninitialize ] : UnInitialize the Component!! 2/23 0:53:40.676 (65dc) StarBurn:StarBurn_DownShut(): ENTERed 2/23 0:53:40.676 (65dc) StarWave2ShutDown : >>> ENTERed 2/23 0:53:40.676 (65dc) CStarWaveAudioConverter::~CStarWaveAudioConverter : >>> ENTERed 2/23 0:53:40.676 (65dc) CStarWaveFormatFactories::Clear : >>> ENTERed 2/23 0:53:40.676 (65dc) CStarWaveFormatFactories::Clear (): <<< EXITed 2/23 0:53:40.676 (65dc) CStarWaveAudioConverter::~CStarWaveAudioConverter (): <<< EXITed 2/23 0:53:40.676 (65dc) StarWave2ShutDown (): <<< EXITed 2/23 0:53:40.676 (65dc) StarBurn:StarBurn_DownShut(): EXITing with success
  5. click cd name, hit F2 jumps the focus to file area. should change the cd name (volume ID). and stay there. it only does this the first time. I think. I had thought it happened more than once before. could be a flaky bug.
  6. sometimes I get a shorter-than-normal limit, and sometimes I get a longer limit. not sure what's going on here. not sure what conditions cause this.
  7. what OS are you running? there's a microsoft KB article on windows 7 that shows a known bug that incorrectly reports the size of the data, so the Blu-ray disc gets corrupted. it has not been fixed. a paid support call to microsoft 1800-426-9400 should fix that if you are able to find someone to fix the bug.
  8. 1.Disc, set labels, change to . 2.add folder. 3.clear. 4. look at disc label 5.Disc, set labels, change to . 6.close program 7.start program 8.look at disc label actual: disc label gets reset at steps 3 and 6. expected: disc label should be kept when doing step 1, regardless of step 3 or 6. a clear should reset it to the "set label" setting. yes?
  9. jmichae3

    some bugs

    - the "before posting a bug" sticky post's link to third party bugs is a broken link. - when creating a bootable disk image, there is no OK button, only Cancel. it just left me temporarily befuddled as to what to do next. a solution is, upon success, change the Cancel button to an OK button, or display both an OK button and a Cancel button in the same place and simply toggle visibility style. or just have both buttons separate and gray one out or the other. - PLEASE, PLEASE add support for 100GB BDXLs (BDR-XL, BDRE-XL). at least BD-DL's (BDR-DL, BDRE-DL) if support is not already there. I want to be sure it works before I go out and buy a pack of discs, only to find out nothing works with it. web site says nothing about this. but starburn site does. I need to do backups. - in fact, if you have an additional commandline burning utility that can burn UDF, 2.5 discs and create UDF 2.5 ISOs, that would be great, I could make it as part of my backup programs. it's something I could really use. in fact, I might even provide the batch files - they involve 7-zip for multi-volume archiving. - udf 1.02 and multisession bootable disc with both files dragged in and a bootable floppy image used for boot (x64 target) CDBurnerXP (x) The session cannot be imported, because the sessions's file system is not supported. The continuation of multisession discs is only possible for discs burned by CDBurnerXP. ...well, it *was* burned by cdburnerxp, and same udf version, and just a few minutes ago. I re-inserted the disc and this happened. in fact, it did not save my compilation file that I saved. UI am trying to re-open. now that I have tried to re-open and failed, files are gone. I really need a cmd shell utility for burning and for iso creation. - verification according to http://www.osta.org/technology/cdqa5.htm and http://www.osta.org/technology/cdqa7.htm should get done in 737,280,000/(40x*153,600)=120sec=2min max for a cdr. UPDATE: - disc spanning: once set, cannot be turned off. you get the Disc Required dialog upon burn, there is no selection to do a normal burn, and no checkbox next to the menu item or disc spanning. - a feature request for disc spanning: 7-zip (7-zip.org) -v volume archiving of dir trees with backup and restore. currently, 7-zip must have the entire volume set in one place to restore. I do not know about other packages, but it ould b interesting to find out. not sure how well the licenses will mesh since it's LGPL+unRAR restriction. you should use LZMA2 compression to get more threads usage and better compression, it will be the default in 7.3x (but don't use that until released). 7.25alpha is better to use. winzip is a commercial alternative and so is pkzip, stuffit may have an SDK, to my knowledge they can all compress jpegs losslessly. udf 1.5: the dialog says" Disc Required: blah blah Required present Writeable disc, wrteable cd-r 703.06MB free, 696.23MB." so I tried with a smaller file, 696*2^20 bytes. I got same dialog with the numbers: 697.19MB free, 696.23MB free fs overhead as a percentage (or other calculation) is not being included in those numbers. for instance, NTFS has a 12% fs overhead. 695*2^20 bytes worked. - estimation of speed looks to be wrong for cd-r (?). says 7056MB/s which 7056/40=176.4 when in actuality osta.org says it's 2*20x=3,072,000*2=6,144,000bytes/sec which would take 118sec to go over, about 2min. is this coming from the drive or is it just a miscalculation?
  10. I think I deleted the files in the session with the old disc in, opened a dxp file that had udf 2.50 as the fs and program, changed the fs to udf 1.02, and is now thrashing my optical drive and the led on it is periodically blinking and won't quit. what in the world is this thing doing? I don't need my drive prematurely worn out. drives heat up from constant access. aren't there better ways to detect if a disc is in the drive? deviceioctl() a win32 call has IO_CONTROL_STORAGE_VERIFY and IO_CONTROL_STORAGE_VERIFY2. and you can detect if a disc is in the drive without resorting to thrashing. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa363216%28v=vs.85%29.aspx http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa363404%28v=vs.85%29.aspx another bug is that I can't replace the dxp file that already exists. it says CDBurnerXP (X) The process cannot access the file 'D:\products\dell-dimension-b110\dell-dimension-drivers.dxp' because it is being used by another process. [OK]
  11. am using udf 2.01 and it says 322.75MB now. perhaps a variable relating to thegraph or disc size is uninitialized?
  12. it DOES burn a data disc, I see physical evidence. am using udf2.50 and trying to read it on winxp and it failed, and tried to read it again (continue session) with cdburnerxp.se, and it failed. win7x64ultsp1 the usage graph is also wrong proportion and position. it should start on the left and grow to the right (well, it's ltr here in the USA, not oriental countries where it's rtl). it should also not show 116MB on a 700MB cdr as 70% full (green), as 116/700*100%=16%, which as a fraction is close to 1/5 or 20%/100%. I am choosing multisession discs (add to tracks later). UPDATE: changing the UDF type to anything other than 2.50 it sees the disc as 358MB. interesting. is this just random, a lack of variable initialization, or???
  13. I had to kill explorer.exe in order for it to complete at thevery least (maybe the only thing) I can't remember for sure whether I was required to close everything else, but I did anyway, but found I had to kill explorer.exe which killed my desktop and taskbar of course. this didn't used to be a requirement, and I had no problems with dependencies that I knew of before this even though I had stuff running (firefox, Word, excel, programmer's editors, cmd shells, etc).
  14. I am not associated with cdburnerxp.se, but my understanding of the blu-ray standard is that it is supposed to use the UDF filesystem. make sure you are using that. blu-ray specification (look under format specification and apparently now you must order a book - BDXL is listed there too) there is also a blu-ray m-disc coming out at some point, supposed to last 1k years or until the Lord comes. http://www.ritek.com/p3a.asp?num=254 should be great as an archival disc for photos, movies, and use for "gold master discs" for server software etc. imgburn could be an alternative, apparently nero is having problems with blu-ray. http://forum.my.nero.com/index.php?s=16f3cc6dec7452918dc0a0fc91243388&showtopic=4998&st=0&p=19355&#entry19355 also, make sure you have updated your drive firmware (visit LG's support site). drive firmware can solve problems like the Charlie Chaplain blu-ray playing issues, which are usually caused by a disc with a new code in it which the drive doesn't recognize (yet). this is what firmware updates are for. things like verbatim, ritek, microboards, mdisc, etc, all these manufacturers have their own product codes in the disc. even for what looks like the same verbatim discs they may come out with newer codes if I understand right. you should be running windows 7 or later to use blu-ray.
  15. actually, it's 737MB=703MiB=736,962,560bytes. I had to check the sector count with cdrecord.exe for some other stuff. I document all that at http://jesusnjim.com/using-computers/optical-drives/media-capacities.html leesee: assuming MiB: 119/703*100=16.9% assuming MB: 119/737*100=16.1% 2/3=66% I don't think they are anywhere near close to being correct. please fix the graph, thanks.
  16. could be my switch to a different version of UDF from 100 to 2.60
  17. problem solved in 4463. am using udf 2.60 and multisession. however, the green usage graph is inaccurate, it shows 119.04MiB on a 700MiB cd-r as 2/3 full after burning somehow. but so far so good. a little tweaking on the graph. the before and after burning for the graph are VERY different.
  18. sometimes I am backing up folder trees and need the long filepaths that UDF provides.
  19. [General] AppLanguage=en-US ExitToNotify=0 ToolbarDisplayStyle=2 OnlyUseSingleUnit=0 StartLastUsedProjectType=0 LoggingEnabled=0 UseSPTD=0 UseCustomTempFolder=1 LastUsedProjectType=1 AutoUpdate=1 PreventDefaultDragDrop=0 CustomTempFolder=D:\temp [Data] DataExplorerPath=D:\prj DataExplorer=1 IgnoreFileRenameRequirements=0 DataCacheFilesAutomatically=1 DataCacheNetworkFilesAutomatically=0 DataUpdateAutomatically=1 DataBurnVerify=1 DataBurnFinalize=0 DataUseDiscAtOnce=0 DataBurnEject=1 DataTileVertical=0 DataMode2XA=0 DataAskForSettings=1 DataDropFormLocation=0;0 DataFilePattern= DataFilePatternInclude=1 DataFilePatternShowInBrowser=1 DataExplorerViewStyle=1 DataSplitterExplorer=261 DataSplitterVertical=246 DataSplitterLayout=261 LastDataBurnSpeed=7056 DataFileSystemType=1 DataUdfVersion=100 DataIsoLevel=-1 DataLastDeviceUsed=E CopyDisableHardwareEC=0 CopyIgnoreUnreadableData=0 CopyReadRetries=3 CopyImageType=0 CopyEjectDisc=0 CopyFinaliseDisc=1 DataLabel=1.2- DoubleLayerCompatible=1 PadDvdSize=1 ModifyIfoBupFiles=1 DataSaveCompilationPath=D:\docs [iso] IsoEjectDisc=1 IsoFinalize=1 IsoMode2XA=0 IsoLastDeviceUsed=E LastUsedIsoPath=D:\cd [Audio] AudioAutoCDText=1 AudioExplorerViewStyle=1 AudioReplayGain=0 AudioTileVertical=0 AudioSplitterExplorer=0 AudioPauseLength=2 AudioSplitterVertical=0 AudioExplorer=1 AudioCloseDisc=1 AudioBurnEject=1 AudioBurnGapless=0 AudioShowPlayer=1 AudioPlayerSize=0*0 AudioPlayerPos=0;0 AudioFilePattern= AudioFilePatternInclude=1 AudioFilePatternShowInBrowser=1 LastAudioBurnSpeed=0 CDTextEnabled=1
  20. cdburnerxp did an update once. 3306 was listed as installed in programs and features in control panel (appwiz.cpl). I uninstalled the old one. it removed the icon for the new one I guess. so I am uninstalling both. reinstalling after removing all copies and restarting causes cdburnerxp error dialog shown in previous post. I have no workarounds at this point.
  21. UseSPTD=1 I get the following error dialog: CDBurnerXP (redX)"The StarBurn burning engine could not be initialised, CDBUrnerXP will not work. Make sure that CDBurnerXP is installed properly, reinstall if necessary. If you are using the portable version of CDBurnerXP, try the regular setup package instead. Error Details: Exception from HRESULT: 0x800402A7" I used the setup package. I usually reinstall over the top of old one. I think this time I uninstalled and reinstalled maybe, but not sure.
  22. another bug, this forum refused to close the edit box. I clicked save, but edit box was still there.
  23. I should mention that I have it set for finalize. am trying a dvd. still making dvd's and cd's (to win7) when finalizing, but yet space is used up visibly on dye side of disc. I don't have many dvd's left. so data is being written, but I suspect it's not being finalized. I heard this is what happens with a pro audio cd recorder recording a cd-r when you take it out and forget to finalize the disc.
  24. I am using taiyo yuden cdr's, so it's not the media. I am dragging a file to the program from windows explorer. it burns and verifies fine on win7. close program. then, I bring it to another machine and read the disk, and I get read errors on xp. bring back to win7 and look at disc, has no files on it. win7 never reports errors. maybe burning error due to windows update? don't know. please fix if possible.
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