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  1. Hi Flo, Thanks! The first link seems pretty good and I will try it out later. So I guess thats 2 more CDs down the drain.
  2. simplests steps are to try a 2nd disc, or even CDs or other types eg if u have problem with DVD-R try DVD-RW and see if it detects. to test if its the software, you could always find another burning software and install it to try. if you have a 2nd/spare DVD drive then plug it in and see if it recognises the disc. by now u should have narrowed down which is the one with the problem. good luck!
  3. Well like I said, yes the ISO file is the entire disc's contents, but thats for the game's version 1.0. Usually there are updates/patches and I would love to include it in the CD that I burned so I get the complete version 1.5 in 1 CD. As for my current problem, I burned an ISO image of Windows XP. I suddenly wonder if images that are made bootable have more limited options allowed? I wanted to back up the Windows XP that I have and include the serial code in a simple notepad file so in case I lost the physical copy of the number, its easily found on the CD itself. On the 1st try, 'finalize disc' option was unchecked, but then there were no contents in Windows Explorer after completed error-free burning. I dint proceed to add the .txt file. 2nd try, I repeated and the data was there in Windows Explorer. So I proceeded to add the .txt file in in the following session, but I could only see the .txt file; the OS that I burned earlier was gone. Both cases when i tried to finalize disc at the end, I get the 'media is not writeable, please try again' message. Does the description above add more light? So my eventual wish is to be able to salvage one of those discs because I really dont feel like having to throw more CDs into the bin. I still have the ISO file so recovery of lost data is not the problem here. Thanks for reading my lengthy description
  4. Forgive me if I have the wrong concept, but doesnt the 'Finalize disc' with a checkbox means that I can chose to finalize the disc later on (or create multi-sessions)?? If I was supposed to finalize the disc during the first burn all the time, then why bother to have it as an option? In the past hour I have completed burning successfully a number of discs with the finalize disc option off and enable multi-session option on as well. Again, perhaps that is my weird/wrong concept, but I wanted to leave it open in case I want to add files later. For example, if I burned a game, and 2 months later there is a patch for it, I could add on to that disc if it had enough space. OK perhaps Im just stingy. So is it actually common practice to finalize the disc all the time, right from the start? If so, then I'll just have to dump those into the bin and do it that way. I was just hoping to see if i could salvage the disc since there was no error at all during the burn process. Did I mention I was stingy:oops:? Anyway thanks for the help so far, I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions
  5. Hi.. Well if I had reached the steps I described earlier, I thought its quite obvious I had gone past simple eject-and-reinsert and reboot-computer steps. So for the record, yes I had already ejected and reinsert, clicked on refresh view in the folder view, rebooted computer. Im not sure what is meant by 'different device', but well I only have 1 computer and 1 optical drive. However I doubt its caching thing, because I had burned quite a number of discs today and most had their data OK. I do know that occassionally one would get a faulty disc, but 3 times today seems quite strange.
  6. Hi, wanted to add on a 2nd question to reduce the number of threads. The 2nd problem I have is I burned a CD-R (from ISO) and I was unable to see the data I burned after completion, but disc properties shows space on the disc being taken up.. According to what the forum gave, 1) I proceeded to try to finalize the disc but CDBurnerXP says that the media is not writable and asks me to try again. 2) I have used IsoBuster and it was able to view all the files and I tried 'Check if files are physically readable' and also 'Create a list of known errornous sector addresses'. The former said that the there was no problems reading the files physically while the latter said that there were no errornous sectors. My aim is to not waste the disc (because it's the 3rd one that has an error) and not recover data, so is there anything else I can do?
  7. Hi Flo, Wow you hit the nail on the head!! Silly me only checked the discs I just burned and I had thought it was some option or preferences that I had accidentally toggled on. I would never have guessed it was IE 7's doing!! And yep I did just install IE 7 recently.. Thanks a million!!
  8. After I successfully burned (and verified) a data disc today, the files I burned, when looked under Windows Explorer, had all their icons swaped for the Internet Explorer(IE)'s icon!! I did not make any changes (that I know of) and the last time I burned something (~2 weeks ago) everything was fine. It happened to both DVD and CD media that I was using. Also, I burned both media files (.avi) and 'from ISO' but all of them had their icons changed, be it .avi files or .txt files Essentially the burned data worked (program runs/installable/media viewable) but the IE icon for all the files is irritating and just doesnt look right. How do I fix this? Using: CDBurnerXP Version Hardware: LG DVDRAM GSA-4167B OS: Windows XP SP2 Thanks!
  9. er does it mean i wont be able to close the previous session anymore? like i said earlier, an error occured whle burning smthing to 30%, then thot i would be economical and burn smthing else to make use of the remaining 70% rather than just throw it away but i kept getting wiritng error 3, so i was thnking i needed to close the prev session (well at least i wanted to try to see if it works) or does 'incomplete burning' basically destroys the whole cd and thers no coming back? sorry im not very savvy with all this burning stuff/terminology, so i really appreciate the help thats given here.. thanks a million again!
  10. Hi, first of, sorry if this has been talked about a million times, im not very good with searches sometimes. i have tried searchin ' disc information' but none had the same description as mine. when i click on the disc information function, and cilck on the 'close session' button, all of the other buttons grey out (cant click on them) except for the eject button. no matter what i do next, i cant seem to get out of the disc information screen anymore. - closed the tray and clicked eject again - clicked on the red X / right click and selected 'close this window' - put in a new dics and closed the tray nothing i do will get the disc information screen out of the "all of the other buttons grey out (cant click on them) except for the eject button" phase. however the program dint seem to hang, bcos when i click on any part outside of the disc information box (and withint cd burner xp pro program interface), a sound 'dong' happnes and the disc information box flashes, as if prompting me i need to close up that box first, but i cant the only way i can get out is bring the task manager out and end program. is there smthing wrong im doing or missed? by the way, i wanted to manually close the session bcos well an error occured on my pc while burning, so 30% of the disc was used/messed up, and i wanted to burn stuff to utilise the remaining 70%, so i thot that closing the earlier session might reduce problems. do i need to do this at all? PS, my cdburner xp pro 3 is version 3.0.116 thanks a million for all answers!!
  11. i went through the normal 'Write Disc From ISO File' procedure, and the ISO file came out OK (it autorun when i put in the CD). i also enabled multisession (made sure the 'Finalise Disc' option was UNCHECKED) as i wanted to add extra files. then i started a new burning compilation, and the program detects that there was earlier data (on that same CD), and asked 'Continue Multidisc session?' so i clicked on the 'Continue Disc' button. but after burning the additional file in, and i try to read the CD, i can only see the additional file that i burned, but i cant see the ISO file that i burnt earlier.. what i did dint sound like i overwritten the earlier session isnt it? can someone tell me what i did wrong? PS im askin cos the search function (or maybe its just me) is somehow screwed up man =.= there is always an error "You canot use this search function now. Please try again later" when i try to view my search 2nd page. Thanks!!
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