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  1. Hab ich pauschal mal alle übernommen - "Abbild" hatte ich verwendet, weil das das Programm für, äh, tech illiterate users etwas zugänglicher machen würde, aber was solls Aus dem "Löschen" wurde jetzt "Verwerfen". Passt noch am ehesten, IMO. Upload folgt gleich
  2. The latest interim build from today has actually fixed the problem for me - seems to work fine now
  3. I'm having a similar issue in - only that the reporting dialog's "message" field is completely empty. Takes quite a few seconds for the reporting tool to show up, too. Note that I can just Cancel out of the reporting tool and will be back at a compilation-less CDBXP main window that I can use perfectly fine. Well, aside from being unable to create a compilation Running German XP Pro 32-bit + SP2 + all other current updates on a Core2Duo 6420 (2.13GHz), 2GB RAM. Drive is a NEC ND3550A. [edit] I have the .NET Framework 3.0 installed in addition to 2.0 - this should be backwards compatible, but could this be an issue? [/edit]
  4. Language file updated to 0.6.8. Have done a bit of testing tonight and ironed out a few issues (&s in tooltips and dialog titles, mostly). Sadly, I can't test very thoroughly since creating a new compilation will cause CDBXP to throw the error report dialog at me I'll poke around the forums for a possible solution to the issue so I can do more testing; the translation should be okay though. I've just gone through the whole 0.6 base language file by hand and copy&pasted translations over from the 0.5 one and translated everything that wasn't there yet.
  5. Uploaded v0.6 resx-file. Completely untested so far though; I've just used the resxcompare utility to make all necessary changes. Somewhat busy at work at the moment :\
  6. So, die hab ich jetzt alle mal gefixt (aber noch nicht neu hochgeladen). Du hast nicht zufällig noch irgendwo die letzte resx-Datei? Ich hab die nämlich nicht mehr, was das Vergleichen mit der aktuellen etwas... kompliziert macht ^^;
  7. Das Fragezeichen ist hauptsächlich als Tastaturkürzel da - "H" ist mit "Hinzufügen" belegt, aber evtl fällt mir da noch was besseres ein. Das ? war primär mal Notlösung, weil ich mitten in der Nacht nichts besseres gefunden hab Mit dem "Medium"/"Disc"-Gebmise bin ich auch schon am Werkeln - ich habe versucht, möglichst immer "Rohling" zu benutzen, aber "Disc" war manchmal (Quell-CDs und so) passender, und ich war mir absolut nicht sicher, ob "Volume" im Englischen sich auf eine ganze Disc bezieht oder z.B. auf verschiedene Partitionen auf der Festplatte. Das bügel ich auch noch aus.
  8. Since I'm testing my translation anyway, I'm likely to notice obvious stuff such as misplaced buttons etc. - is there anything specific beta testers should look for, or just try the thing out and look for obvious stuff like that? I'd be happy to post any issues I find during testing the translation in the beta forum
  9. v0.5.6 Now with 100% more keyboard shortcuts! I've also fixed a few minor text overflows and found out that the one "Disc" string is not only used for the menu but everything else - adding a shortcut to the Disc menu made the Disc Information window display "D&isc" I've taken care not to add conflicting shortcuts to things I knew were in the same window, but with the D&isc bug I'm fairly sure I'll bump into a few while testing this thing over the next few days.
  10. So much for that - I just crawled through the other half of the language file. Coincidentally, I need to burn a bunch of stuff off my hard drive, so I will give it a bit of a test right away. I'll upload a first version too, although it obviously still needs testing to make sure I properly translated strings for ambiguous words ("track" in particular).
  11. I'm about halfway finished with the language file; however I haven't yet tested much and another translation project of mine has gained a bit of urgency over the past few days so I may need to halt working on this one for a few days. Will upload and start testing as soon as I've finished translating. Just so you know
  12. Being a native German speaker with excellent English skills and a knack for computer techy stuff, I'd be up for translating it to German. I've been using CDBXP for a while and really like it As for previous work, I've been working as a translator in the video game industry before.
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