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  1. wtf have you lost your mind?? last time i installed nero it put about 1gb on my hd cause it had a lot of crap i wasnt going to use! i think it depends on what your idea of "better" is.. i believe cdburnerXP is the best in what it does. plain and simple. no bloatware, no crapware no adware..
  2. on XP if your account has "administrator" priviledges and no other non-admin account needs it, then you shouldnt need to install it. i dunno about vista.. but probably need to set it up in some dark control panel corner..
  3. hi i noticed the burn dialog still display the "burn disc" dialog shows the burning options/buttons even after the process is complete. it might be confusing i think it would be better if these buttons were grayed and "cancel" button should change to "done" after disc is burned. maybe offer the options "burn again" since i assume this is the purpose of leaving that window open.. i just mean it is sort of *wierd* clicking a "cancel" button instead of "done" just a thought... thnx for this excellent program. v4 is THE burner
  4. from cheetahburner.com Flo could just have said that, since system services properties tab is empty. regards
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