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  1. Între timp programatorii au revenit asupra deciziei de a "lăsa pe mîna" SO titlurile de coloane. Acestea (Mărime, Tip, etc.) sînt acum incluse în fila de limbă şi ca urmare apar traduse indiferent de limba interfeţei SO Windows.
  2. Salut, Nu au rămas netraduse, pur şi simplu nu pot fi traduse, pentru că nu există şirurile corespunzătoare în fila de limbă engleză, cea după care se face traducerea. La lansarea versiunii 4.0.0 de CDBXP existau şirurile respective şi apăreau şi în traducerea română. Ulterior la versiunile mai noi şirurile au fost scoase din fila de limbă engleză, pentru că programatorii au decis să lase în acele locuri termenii folosiţi de sistemul de operare. Deci cine are Windows în română vede acolo traducerile respective (Nume, Dimensiune, etc.). Cine are Windows în engleză vede în mod evident ter
  3. I have also noticed very high CPU usage (more than 90%) when burning a CD or a DVD (tried both) with CDBXP However, a bigger problem is that sometimes the burning takes much more time than expected. I downgraded to CDBXP and the high CPU usage disappeared (it was under 15%) but burning a 200 MB ISO to a CD at 40X took 6.30 minutes, which is very long. This long time is due to the fact that the process of burning semmes to freeze from time to time, as indicated by the animated icon which freezes regularly. I have XP SP2 and .NET 3.5.
  4. I return to the problem with the file system of the burned disc. Let's say that a user wants to make a bootable CD but doesn't set the ISO/Joliet thing. It will receive the error message that says : "For burning a Windows boot disc, you should change the volumne type to ISO9660/Joilet". He wants to do it, but where is this option ? I just checked in the english version of CDBXP and in the menu "Disc" there is an option named "File System" that deals with ISO/Joliet, so "Volume Type" in the error message is confusing. [attachment=0]Clipboard04.jpg[/attachment]
  5. If the development team took the decision to let the operating system name the columns we must accept that, although the users with Windows in english and CDBXP in another language will think that the translator is to blame. But as long as the program works well, they probably will not be annoyed by a little detail. However Flo, there is a need for a new language file in english. Right-clicking the buttons from the toolbar displays a little menu with a single option ("Show text") that is in english and cannot be translated (the "Show text" from the tootip can be translated). [attachment=
  6. The strings [Name, Type, Size and Date modified] do not appear as translated (see image) on the first row. However, on the second row they appear as translated. [attachment=0]Clipboard01.jpg[/attachment] The string [For burning a Windows boot disc, you should change the volumne type to ISO9660/Joilet. Do you want to change the volumne type now?] contains an inacurracy. ISO9660 is a file system and Joliet an extension of that http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joliet_(file_system) . So it should be "file system type", not "volume type". Also "volume" and "Joliet" are misspelled.
  7. Yes Flo, you were right with regard to the first two points, it was indeed my fault. I have updated the romanian language file and uploaded it. Colok, even if someone uses the best tool that doesn't mean he cannot do mistakes because of lack of attention to details. But PSPad is really the best tool for spotting differences between text files.
  8. There are 2 instances of english strings that cannot be translated. If they could be repaired it will be perfect, if not, there is no big deal. 1) Disc>Disc Information [attachment=2]Clipboard01.jpg[/attachment] 2) Set Disc Labels [attachment=0]ScreenShot064.jpg[/attachment] More important is a problem caused probably by me using Large Fonts (120 p) in Windows. The CDBXP inteface is very well displayed with one exception, the little window where one can set the boot options (the text about the disc to be made bootable is not displayed in its entirety). If this little window c
  9. Colok, you don't use a good enough program for comparing language files. Try PSPad, it's free and it's the best. Flo has modifed some (5- strings that should not be translated by inserting ampersands. That's why the translated strings do not appear in the interface. See the example below and the changes on the string that is on top. If you take this into account all the strings will appear translated in the interface. &Căutați Versiune Nouă... is now &Căutați Versiune Nouă... However, the problem with the label ToolStripButton is real (happens to me also) an
  10. I have translated CDBurnerXP 4 in romanian. The translation is available at the usual address. ========================== Am tradus CDBurnerXP 4 în română. Traducerea e disponibilă la adresa obișnuită: http://www.cdburnerxp.se/translations
  11. I have translated CDBurnerXP 4 in romanian and the language file is included in the installation package. The translation (only the language file, not the program) is also available on my site. ========================== Am tradus CDBurnerXP 4 în română, iar fila de limbă e inclusă în pachetul de instalare. Traducerea (doar fila de limbă, nu şi programul) este de asemenea disponibilă pe situl meu : http://muntealb.orgfree.com/Traduceri/t ... CDBurnerXP
  12. I would like to do the translation in romanian. I have already translated : GreenBrowser, DC++, BitComet, EditPad, Notepad++, Maxthon 2, KMPlayer, Foxit Reader, Paint.NET, GreatNews, Koma-Mail and other programs.
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