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  1. New version released today (1.00.1741.1490). Only minor changes: [*:pqdb8n4d]Bug fix: the language could not be changed in Project wizard. [*:pqdb8n4d]Language is now auto-detected from existing target file name. Link to new version is found in first post.
  2. Hmm, you have a point, Flo. Joey: From the screenshot I guess what you are trying to do is to translate CDBurnerXP to Canadian French and want to base it on the current French translation. If this is correct, your project is not configured properly. This is what you can try to do: 1. First install the new version of ResLocalizer. See first post for a download link. 2. Prepare by downloading the French resx file. 3. Create a new project in ResLocalizer. 4. Choose to continue working on an existing translation. 5. Select CDBurnerXP as template. 6. When asked if you want to download a
  3. I'm afraid you can't add translations of strings that don't exist in the original file. Currently ResLocalizer is strictly a tool for translating strings in a single resource file to another language and keeping track of changes made to the original file that is being translated. If you need more features like adding strings that don't exist in the original file, editing the original file, or managing non-string resources you might be looking for a full featured resource editor. Have a look at http://www.zeta-resource-editor.com/.
  4. Joey: Click on a string in the list and then enter the translation in the bottom box. While the bottom box has focus you can jump between strings in the list by pressing CTRL+UP and CTRL+DOWN.
  5. Hi everybody! Today I have a new version for you. Major changes: -New Create Project wizard -Project templates -New Options dialogue Some of the minor changes: -You can now move up and down the translation list without leaving the translation text box. Just press CTRL + UP/DOWN ARROW -Build profiles has some new functionality (commands: alert and confirm + reading variable values from Windows registry) NOTE! If you use the build profile example I provided before, note that the "culture" build variable is now a system variable and cannot be reassigned by a build profile. Please re
  6. Hi Flo! I may have misunderstood your post, but the tool is basically a manual editor, which automatically checks for updated language files. The tool performs no validation on the translations, which means empty translations were included in the translations if the translator had not translated all strings. I have now modified the tool, so that non-translated strings are left out entirely in the translated language file. Hope that helps! Yes, I have a Subversion server I use for the tool, but thanks for asking
  7. Now it should be fixed. If you installed version 1.00.1601.955, please uninstall it before installing the new version 1.00.1601.965. Uninstalling older versions is not necessary. If you have found any issues using the tool, please report. I think it's time to update my own translation as well... For me it's a couple of months since the last update as well
  8. Please don't install the update yet, an old file was accidentally included in the setup file, so I need to rebuild it
  9. Important update! Fixes this bug: ResLocalizer 1.00.1545.951 failed to detect when a translation was edited in the translation editor => the save dialogue was not displayed when the application exited => the changes were lost if you didn't click the save button before closing the application. For download link, see the first post in this thread.
  10. New alpha version 1.00.1545.951 available. New in this version: [*:1dkythdu]Slightly reorganised interface with new icons [*:1dkythdu]Better search function with support for regular expressions [*:1dkythdu]A new command available in build profiles: cr [*:1dkythdu]Documentation added to the Edit Build Profile dialogue (just press the question mark button) Edit: Forgot the new update status dialogue which appears after you've updated the source file. The cr command may be used instead of al.exe and resgen.exe. I have replaced these two tools with cr in my test build profile: # Rep
  11. Hi KoalaBear! Thanks for notifying me! I have now been looking into these issues and have (hopefully) solved them. Thanks! Glad to hear it! The dialogue you are trying to open when the tool crashes, uses the font Consolas in its regular version. The default behaviour is to use the system default font if Consolas is missing on the user's machine. Somehow the regular variant of Consolas seems to have been corrupted or deleted on your computer, but with the other variants still intact. The new alpha should however not crash, but try to choose another font instead. After som
  12. New alpha version (1.00.1477.743) released today. Changes: [*:he5k1gqz]This version includes an installer (with file associations). [*:he5k1gqz]The annoying warning dialogue at startup is removed. [*:he5k1gqz]The start screen of ResLocalizer now features a list of the last recently used projects (if no project is auto-loaded). [*:he5k1gqz]Redesigned the "Create Project" dialogue. [*:he5k1gqz]Slightly redesigned Find dialogue. [*:he5k1gqz]+ many bug fixes Thanks to you who have tried the application!
  13. I'll do some work to make everything more clear, e.g. replacing source and target file with original and translated file, and to include better descriptions of what the two options in the Create New dialogue mean in practice. Thanks for your help Flo!
  14. Thanks for your feedback Flo! I have tried to reproduce your issue, but without success . Please make sure no filter is applied to the project. If you still can't see any translations, I would appreciate if you could post the source and target files so that I can take a look at them. Autoloading last opened project seems to be a great feature and is added to the latest version, thanks! An option for enabling/disabling this feature will be added later (however it is enabled by default). See link in first post. Edit: Did you check the "Use existing" radio button in the Create New Project
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