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  1. Not quite sure if this classes as a bug, but don't see where else to report it! I cannot instal either CDBXP V3.0.116 or 3.5.x On trying to run the 3.0.116 installer I receive a message saying that the configuration data is corrupt. I have tried a number of instal files from different sources, and they all give the same response. On trying to instal 3.5.x I receive a message saying that I need to instal .NET v1.1 - but this is already installed on my machine. The message then goes on to ask if I wish todownload and install the required software - but when I say "yes" nothing happens! I have tried downloading the .NET v1.1 fx from Microsoft, and installed it successfully, but I still get the same result. Any ideas for a fix for either of these would be very welcome Steve
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