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  1. Thanks. That allowed me to change speeds but for some reason my computer goes into standby mode now and will not complete task. Have made 5 coasters. No pain no gain I guess. Thanks again
  2. I have attempted to burn several DVDs. I am using Taiyo Yuden with a write speed of 8x. When I open my Video Files and click the burn icon it will immediately start burning at a higher speed than 8x. Aren't you supposed to be able to set the options you want before it starts burning. After it burns then you get a an option to change the speeds but not before. Hope someone can help. Thanks
  3. I have been having the same trouble. After seeing the other post about the WMA files, I see those are the same files I am having trouble with. I found on my computer in Windows Digital Media Enhancement, a program called Windows Audio Converter which I think you might be able to convert to mp3 and then burn. I have had no problems burning those. Dont know if this helps or even works, I am new at this also,but I think I will try that. Good luck.
  4. Thanks for quick response. I have tried versions and also The files say Windows Media Audio Files.Thanks.
  5. Hope someone can help. I cannot add my music files to my project compilation screen. I open my files,select the song to add,click the add button and nothing happens. I even try to click and drag them and still nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.
  6. Have made a $5.00 donation and would like access to Beta. Am excited to try product. Thanks.
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