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  1. I set up my compilation, place an empty disc in the drive and want to start the burning too quickly, an error message appears saying something like this (not exact quote) "There is no empty media, insert one and try again." I wait a little so the drive finishes struggling with the empty disc, and try again, but I get thwe same error. Eject the disc and then load it again, wait until the indicator LED stops flashing, try again, same error. Again, again and again. I have to exit from CDBurner and start again the get rid of that error message.
  2. What is the story with the Hungarian translation? If there isn't any or any recent, then I am here to do it. edit: Ok, I just saw in the another topic that there is a translator.
  3. I am a new CDBXP user, but until now I like it, and I am looking forward to the 3.5 and 4.0 versions, except that it will use .NET 2.0. Which means the install file will be about 5 megs. Yeah, but I will need to install that crappy .NET 2.0, which is 22 MB. Just to use CDBXP... So the 5 megs install is 27 megs in reality. Of course that size is not huge, I can live with it easily, but I will need to install an another M$ crap to my computer. As a programmer I understand the decision, to start to use a framework, as an M$ antifan and open-source fan I don't, at all. Fortunatelly the .NET framework is free...
  4. It is the MPEG4 Audio (MP4 AAC) as Apple calls it in iTunes. It would be a nice feature to support MPEG2 AAC and especially MPEG4 AAC, as it is very widely spread format.
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