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  1. I'm having the same problem like Billm99, but I'm using XP 64bit with SP2(with latest MS patches) and the latest version of program(660 version). In windows xp with sp3 program works ok.
  2. ...and useful to see an option that I can select size of the windows(file manager/explorer panel and files to be burned window) and save its position and size.This way(without this option), every time when I choose compilation type i get file manager windows over 2/3 of the screen(I have widescreen lcd) and I have to resize it to desired position. Also I have notified that something is wrong with colums in explore panel when I'm positioned over "My computer".Size and type columns doesn't show real info.In other directories/files colums show correct info.And 4-th column should be called something like "free space".You can see that in second picture. Default windows size I want to choose and save position and size, something like that.
  3. That is the solution for myself.CDB4 works now, at least I'm able to start it sucesfully. I forgot that I set on my firewall to block all connections to programs except those that I configure in firewall rules.When I realize that and add CDB4 to firewall rules CDB4 sucesfully started under XP sp2. Thank you Flo, now I can use CDB4...
  4. I uninstalled CDB4 then .net 3.0 .net 2.0 and .net 1.1 and reinstalled and now in win xp64bit I have got the same error like in win xp32 with sp2. I don't know what to do next, it seems that CDB4 have some incompatibility with my system, because it doesn't work on any of 3 OS-es that I have. I have to stick with 3.5 alpha because this version works ok, but sometimes can be buggy.Or I have to wait another release.
  5. I'm having the similar problem.I just don't have shorcuts in programs menu if I choose other shorcut name which differs from default.But if I in instalation choose option to create shortcuts only for me(not for all users) then all works fine for me.
  6. I know that. In menatime I tried CDB4 under XP64bit and vista and still no luck.Under XP64 bit I get different messages that is more helpfull than this under xp. In vista I was able to start CDB4 but when I choose kind of compilation(data cd/dvd or audio) I get the generic error message without any more information(the same message like in thread Cannot Save in this forum). [attachment=1]cdbx64_1.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=0]cdbx64_2.jpg[/attachment]
  7. When I try to start latest version of cdburner 4 I get error(in attachment).I have windows xp sp2 with latest patches and .net 1.1 .net 2.0 and .net 3.0 framework. Older version like 3.0.116 and 3.5 alpha works fine. First I installed CDB4 along this versions that I already have(3.0 and 3.5 alpha) and I did get this error.Than I uninstalled all versions and installed only CDB4 and I get the same error. I didn't try CDB4 in 64bit version of windows xp and vista buisness 32bit edition(I will try this later), and maybe cdburner works under this windows, but CDB4 would be most usefull for me in windows xp sp2 because this is my primary OS.[attachment=0]cdb.jpg[/attachment]
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