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  1. Hi CRXed, I fixed the translation. Thanks for reporting! Groetjes Koala
  2. Thanks. Luckily I didn't suffer from this bug yet Also need to update the current translation again I think. Its been around 2 months ago.
  3. Hi Terpie, Thanks. Fast reply also I now also have subscribed to further updates of this topic! So will be notified of new releases. Will try the new Alpha when a new language file will be there. Maybe now it will get a little easier to update the language file, and stay updated, instead of waiting for months to start the struggle Keep up the good work
  4. Hi Flo, I unfortunately can't provide a mirror. Besides the HTTP download, would it be an option to provide a torrent? I think that the option was already once discussed and discarded? I hope not. If so, I will join the Seeders team of each 'release', if you make a RSS feed of the releases it will even be automatically download by my uTorrent and automatically uploaded with up to 500 kB/s. I will provide a 500 kB/s Seed. I'm afraid that the normal provider 'home' accounts (www.provider.ext/home/~username) are not an option because they are very limited, and that there is no easy way for FTP. Maybe think about it. There is also an option for users who dont have a bittorent mechanism or client installed. Like: http://www.torrent2exe.com/
  5. Hi Terpie, Nice tool. I tested the first version, in the beginning, but somehow I didnt like it (didnt understand). But now you have some sort of wizard where you can enter the original and translated files. And now it works (almost) like a charm. I could find it in the first version. Only I have had 1 Exception, and 1 error / warning. It looks like something is going wrong with fonts. I included the exception details as an attachment. Maybe you are going through all the fonts? Consolas, the font that is coming with Windows Vista / 7 or Microsoft Office 2007 is causing the problem: "System.ArgumentException: Font 'Consolas' does not support style 'Regular'." And the second thing is that I get an error when opening a saved project. It looks for the directory F:\.SysDocumenten\ (watch the dot .). There is only a directory F:\SysDocumenten\ without the dot. There never was a dot, but it looks like it saved it with a dot. I dont know what is causing this problem.
  6. Sorry.. Bedankt voor het melden! / Thanks for letting me know. Zal het vanavond in de vertaling aanpassen. En dan wordt het vanzelf in de volgende release goedgezet. Thanks Flo, for letting me know.
  7. Hi Flo, First a comment about the error handling, I found out: ----- I sended a error report 2 minutes ago because I pressed ENTER after the "Hi". Please make the ENTER work, or catch the ENTER so that the error message isn't sent immediately after pressing ENTER. Just to let you know. I got this error after starting the program, and then press the Data Disc button (left one). I am working remote. With Remote Desktop Connecting supported @ Windows XP Professional. And I didnt restart my computer at that moment, when I did all worked OK. Maybe improve or create error handling for that ----- What a wanted to say about Translation is that I would like to do the Dutch translation. I read that there already was a dutch translation in version 3.5. Maybe you have the XML or something from that version? I dont have that many time too, but will do my best, and hopefully it will succeed Please add me to the Translators forum! Nice new website, nice forum Have a nice day
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